Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Now this review I will walk through it step-by-step and we will discuss certain elements about this film and what I like and what I don’t like about the film.

One I started watching this film the 1st thing I picked up on was the actual roar of Godzilla 1998 in this film. I know a lot of the hard-core Godzilla fans no I take that back Godzilla fan boys who absolutely hate this film because this Godzilla was different than any other Godzilla. I am sure deny that this is the roar of Godzilla 1998 and say it simply sounds like the Showa Series Godzilla. I know better!

In the 1st part we see Godzilla to show off and it seems it is the original Godzilla 2014 design with those pointy dorsal plates. I had to make sure that this was the original 2014 design and it looks like it is.

Now we progress to Madison and her mom as they seem to be in a house however not everything seems as it does. This is a man-made bill house located directly in front of the temple that has the larva of Mothra. It suddenly wakes up this is a great scene as he does look very realistic in nature only on a gigantic proportion. She gets scared or angry and they use the instrument known as The Orca for the very 1st time and they use a signal in order to calm her down. Eventually the ecoterrorists would show up and scare her away directly underneath a waterfall.


Meanwhile the Osprey shows up and picks up Emma Russell’s husband Mark Russell has been studying animal behavior and he apparently is needed because the ecoterrorists did kidnap Emma and Madison Russell. They go and show him the various signals of the many titans around the world and it does show Titanus Mosura, Titanus Rodan, Titanus Gojira, as well as many other different titans around the world. One thing I like to point out in this particular scene it does show Titanus Kong which is located on Skull Island. That is the one thing I wanted to point out that was a cool scene.

There is a noticing that I thought was a very cool touch is when we see the larva of Mothra sticking his head in a waterfall.


One thing I like to point out and I thought it was strange maybe it is an English thing as Vivian Graham mentions Jonah Allen’s name backwards. She manages it in a Allen Jonah way. I thought this was kind of strange however through the movie he is called Jonah Allen. Each implies apical role in this film. Especially towards the end in the post-credit see.

Now as time progresses it does seem that Emma Russell and Madison Russell was apparently not kidnapped at all as they are part of this ecoterrorists team. Within the Antarctica which is where they are located at it now seems they soon discover that there is a bigger threat than Gojira located in this area. Once they get there all hell breaks loose. Emma Russell soon apologizes and then tells them to run and detonates all the bombs that is surrounding the mighty Titan Ghidorah as she suddenly releases him. She is now seen on Osprey and Jonah Allen tells her weight the damn creature up. She does this using The Orca. Mark now realizes what she has done with such a horrible thing and this is the great scene when you finally do see Ghidorah coming out of his imprisonment.

1st you see the tail and then eventually you see all 3 heads and yes the most unique thing about this and they did mention this as they have their own individual cognitive thinking. It seems to be in charge of the other 2 heads. You see them all to the movie the middle head would target at the other 2 heads to get their attention. It’s pretty much like the Three Stooges. He was suddenly escaped and he has these gigantic wings and the way they built him he is very similar to that of a wyvern as they have a tendency to walk on their wings and that is what Ghidorah does.


Another amazing scene is when you 1st see Godzilla showing up for the 1st confrontation of this film. His dorsal plates look absolutely amazing when he rises out of the water and he does look very menacing. The fight scenes that would soon come after absolutely amazing. Ghidorah so powerful that he uses gravity being and pushes Godzilla in the hole where he came out of.

This is where Ghidorah suddenly takes to the air and disappears.

Now shortly after this fight they would now suddenly head over to Isla De Mara which is outpost number 56 which is a representation of the year that Rodan was 1st released in Japan as a film. It was released in 1956 and this is the location of Rodan. It now seems that Emma Russell finally shows her face on the computer and begins her famous speech and they suddenly release Rodan. There are absolutely some amazing scenes as Rodan does come out of the volcano he looks absolutely amazing. He would then suddenly take to the skies and chase the Jets that were shooting at him and eventually he would come across Ghidorah. Which a lot of people didn’t know he has this innate ability to create super storms that do surround him and that humans believe he was just a storm however it is him doing this.

Eventually those 2 would clash with Ghidorah easily beating him and this is where Rodan becomes submissive to King Ghidorah. Within this particular point in time we now see that Ghidorah is chasing the Osprey and suddenly Godzilla jumps up the water and grabs him and pulls him into the water and begins to fight him ferociously. With Godzilla ending up ripping off the right hand as you are looking at Ghidorah.


Now in this particular point in time is this is where I was under the assumption that the weapon that they were going to use was called the Deoxygenator however, I don’t remember them ever call it that as they do mention that it is in oxygen destroyer. They would use this on both Godzilla and King Ghidorah while they are fighting in the water and it is absolutely the most amazing explosion you would ever see and it looks very powerful. It destroys everything in our water with the fish floating up and that includes Godzilla as the humans are assuming Godzilla died because they lost his heartbeat. However this is where I say and this is what they say in the film as well Ghidorah is not from Earth. He is still an alien life form. His entire origins did not change much other than the fact that he does have improved weapons in his arsenal.

Eventually Ghidorah would show up in land directly on the volcano that Rodan came out and grow on the other head. Absolutely amazing scene here the middle head pulls off some kind of do we thing as it suddenly grows yet another head. Just below Ghidorah you will see Rodan is laying there very submissive. Another cool scene because Ghidorah is a badass and he is my all-time favorite enemy of Godzilla.

What happened to Godzilla? It is believed that Godzilla this way and he went to an ancient temple where there is radiation that will help him to keep him alive. It would slowly revive him however it would take way too long because they need Godzilla to stop Ghidorah. With this thinking they come up with the idea of nuclear Godzilla. Obviously Dr. Ishiro Daisuke would volunteer because they could not launch the nuclear weapon from the submarine because it was damaged. Doing this Doctor Serizawa would drag it out right directly in front of Godzilla as it seems this temple is completely on the water though there is an air pocket that allows them to breathe. He would take off his mask slowly put his hand on Godzilla’s nose and the bomb would go off as he sacrificed himself for Godzilla. This is a very cool scene because you do eventually see Godzilla rising the water yet again only this time he is supercharged. Godzilla would look at the people on the submarine and turnaround and head for Boston.


In this particular scene Ghidorah has the abilities to control all the titans all over the world. Suddenly all the titans are waking up out of their slumber and are escaping. In the image above this looks like a gigantic tusk like elephant that is very similar to a woolly mammoth.


This next creature I have no idea what it is as the image is not very clear because I got it from a crappy copy of the movie.


This next image kind of shows the many titans that are escaping all of the world.


In this next image we do say there is a bunker that is located in Boston Massachusetts. This is where Ghidorah and the massive point occurs with him and Godzilla it happens in Boston. Anyway it seems that Madison decides to steal the orca and take it to Boston lore Ghidorah to Boston. Which she does successfully. There is a scene where Ghidorah comes crashing down this is a very cool scene and you say him looking in the window at Madison. He was sure his gravity being trying to kill her, but she manages to escape. With Ghidorah hot on her trail it seems that Madison is almost at death’s door. Godzilla was suddenly intervene with a massive atomic blast that would not Ghidorah on his ass. This is the scene when you see Madison smiling at Godzilla in a very weird way. Anyway Godzilla and Ghidorah would continue to fight in a fashion that the fight scenes were absolutely amazing.

Now keep in mind after Godzilla was new they are worried that he will explode. This Godzilla is very similar to the one in 1995 because he now has too much nuclear fission in his body and they are worried that he would explode. This is the exact same thing that happened to this Godzilla.

Now Dr. Chen has a great understanding of the history of these monsters and she is the actress Zhang Ziyi who has done many martial arts films such as Rush Hour 3, The House of the Flying Daggers, and she also starred in a film with Ken Watanabe who is Doctor Serizawa in this film. She starred in the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Anyway I was under the impression that she did not have a twin but somewhere along I came across a YouTube video that states that she does have a twin in this film. When we 1st see Mothra apparently her twin is there and she must be on the Osprey or the big military flying ship I’m not sure where she was at. I was under the impression that these were one and the same people I could be wrong I don’t know.


Now here is a funny thing apparently someone thinks this is an Easter egg that is connected to the bombings of Hiroshima. According to this Easter egg the time you see on this clock is supposed to be when they actually drop the bomb on Hiroshima this would be incorrect as a time on this is probably when Doctor Serizawa’s father lost his life to the bombing. I am sure there is no connection between these 2 because the times are wrong. It is most likely his father’s when they 1st dropped the bomb and that’s when the watch stop. I believe it was said in the 1st film as well.


This is that you see here is not in any particular order I just simply like the way Godzilla looks here as his dorsal plates absolutely amazing here. They did justice on the looks of Godzilla.


Now we will progress with the fight between Godzilla and Ghidorah there is a point where Ghidorah is stopped face 1st in the buildings and one of them is trying to pull their heads out of the building. With the help of Godzilla smashing directly into the building they are set free. Another very cool scene. Now eventually Mothra shows up to help Godzilla defeat Ghidorah unfortunately for Mothra Rodan intervenes and they fight in some pretty amazing fight scenes. As you can see I don’t have too much bad to say about this film because I am a Kaiju fan. We would get into this later on. Anyway the fight scene between Mothra and Rodan are absolutely amazing to the point that Mothra gets pinned against one of the buildings and Rodan is trying to attack her because he is under the control of Ghidorah. While she is pinned against the building this is some pretty amazing shots of how she looks they did her justice. Anyway long story short she has a secret weapon that she does use on Rodan it is a gigantic stinger at the end of her tail and she impales him directly through the chest all went to the other side this is a big stinger. Anyway long story short and as the fight for Rodan as he falls to the ground wincing in pain.

Within a fight Ghidorah gets the upper hand and suddenly grabbed Godzilla and wraps his neck around him to secure him and takes flight and takes him into the air all the way up to the stratosphere. This is where Ghidorah dropped him as he subtly catches fire as he goes through the atmosphere here is one thing I didn’t expect, but yet she landed in water that would help them to survive if you actually crash land to earth he would definitely be hurting now whether that would have killed him or not we do not know because he landed in water conveniently. A lot of people were under the assumption before the movie actually came out that this was Mothra falling from the sky. I soon found out through a leak script that that was not the case.

What would happen next is Mothra new Godzilla was not in any shape to get up and fight until he collected himself. This is where Mothra sacrifices are so and directly flies towards Ghidorah and he would obliterate her and her life force going to Godzilla and suddenly he was star sparking red all through his body. Shortly after this Ghidorah recoil himself around Godzilla and try to crush him this is how powerful Ghidorah is. Godzilla was definitely feeling the constricting. Many people would assume that this would be the end of Godzilla however, Russell would distract Ghidorah with the Orca and he would begin to chase her to the point that he would use his gravity beams on her vehicle and blow it out off the road to the point you see Emma Russell laying there on the ground and she would one of the last words to King Ghidorah “Long Live the King” and she would die. This would give Godzilla a chance to collect himself and boy did he.

Before we get into the final scenes here I do want to mention that when Jonah Allen looks at Emma Russell and says “Long Live the King” he is referring to Ghidorah not Godzilla. Because Godzilla has not earned the right to be called King Ghidorah because that is a status for one Alpha to lead all others. He has not earned that right until he defeats Ghidorah.


This is where you see the burning Godzilla because of the life force energy within Mothra that was consumed by Godzilla he is now a super tight. Ghidorah at one time was a super tighten. This is why I say Godzilla if you did not get those power ups he would be under the control eventually by Ghidorah because this Godzilla is not strong enough to defeat Ghidorah without those power ups. Anyway getting back to the burning Godzilla which in this case he was and for the longest time I was just under the assumption that it wasn’t really the same as Godzilla in Godzilla versus Destroyah which came out in 1995, but in fact it is the same. He would emit such immense energy to the point that Ghidorah literally burned up from the intense heat that this Godzilla was giving off.

Now we will get into my closing statements as well as the last part of this review and what I don’t like and what I do like. 1st we know that Godzilla does eventually step on Ghidorah’s just burning a hole into him killing him almost instantly. Here is what I don’t like and I know a lot of Godzilla fans will not agree with this this is just my thinking on it. I do not believe that this Godzilla should be that powerful as of the ending was rather quick for me and it should ended in a different way with an extremely very cool battle scene. However it was very short and sweet only because this Godzilla was way too powerful. That’s not a negative think as we have seen him like this in Godzilla versus Destroyah but he died after that. This one here is a little bit different don’t get me wrong there is some cool elements about the end fight. He does tackle and Russell around with Ghidorah’s head and swallows it to the point that he chars it eats it.


This is where all the other titans suddenly show all including Rodan and the all suddenly bowed down to the King of monsters. Now in the image above kind of reminds me of the Heisei Series Godzilla as he has a very prominent strong look in stature. Until we get to the Hill scene then that all changes.


Now as you can see in this scene he does not look good here it’s kind of odd looking in my opinion. It is not my intent is to criticize it but he does look funny standing on the hill. Anyway he does earn the right to be called the King of monsters. Now let’s give you my personal thoughts overall about the film. I thoroughly enjoyed this film as for the human characters in my opinion they serve their purpose and the fight scenes were absolutely amazing in this film. Ghidorah they did him justice as he was absolutely a fantastic menace to society or in this case a menace to the entire planet. As I mentioned before no other Kaiju or tighten as far as we know not stop the mighty Ghidorah not even Godzilla. The only reason he actually beat him was because of those 2 power ups. When he consumed Mothra’s life force man did he look absolutely powerful I will give it to them they did a great job in that part. He was absolutely unstoppable after that and it did remind me of the Godzilla in Godzilla versus Destroyah before he actually melted down at 1200°. This Godzilla I’m sure was just as powerful.

Anyway Mothra she played a very small part in this film and I honestly want to see a standalone film with her in it. Now according to the post credit scene we do actually see Jonah Allen is going into the monitor station that is located at outpost 56 and there are fisherman’s that you have a decapitated head of Ghidorah. Jonah says in a quote “we’ll take it” and this is where it ended. What he does with the DNA to this debt Ghidorah head I’m sure that I’ll use it in the next film. Anyway getting back on track with Mothra like to see a standalone film with her in it. Rodan absolutely amazing however he was kind treated as just a side effect to the film as he really in my opinion didn’t play a major part though he looked absolutely amazing in this film. They did an amazing job on him I have no complaints with this Rodan.

The other titans that are in this film they suddenly show up and I can honestly say I am not impressed with them because they don’t really look like Kaiju as they are more along the lines in some cases gigantic species of spider, woolly mammoths, and other species as well. All I also went to mention I did see another to that was at the end of the film where they bow down to Godzilla I did see one. Now whether there was a female or a male I don’t think it was Muto Prime because in the prequel graphic novels it seems that this particular Muto is capable of killing the Godzilla’s and it is very powerful. I also don’t think that was a Muto Prime it was probably just another Muto.

Anyway I got to say that I did thoroughly enjoyed this film the human characterization as well as the Kaiju or titans fighting in this film that was the best part about this film because it was loaded with all kinds of action. Now there are some people out there that complained yet again that there was too much human characterization in this film. Honestly you got to have some human characterization you can’t just totally eliminated.

Now there are those critics that will always sleep and this film I myself will not do that because I thoroughly enjoyed this film. No I am not a critic I’m just a reviewer of a film. I will tell you this and I did post a video from YouTube that explains what’s happening with the Monsterverse if this movie does not succeed and Godzilla versus Kong does not succeed as well it will be the end of the Monsterverse. As far as I can see right now according to the box office profits right now this film is not doing well. However it is not bad. Go I will tell you even though it is the number 1 that is not totally impossible because there are no other movies out there that can compete with this film. We have Aladdin obviously that compete with it. There is John Wicks 3 which in my opinion would be a good movie, but would not compete with the likes of Godzilla.

Rocket man is supposed to be a really good movie however I don’t know much about it. It is based on Elton John know whether it would compete with Godzilla popularity it would definitely go into different directions when it comes to that. Technically there really isn’t anything out there right now that can actually compete with Godzilla King of the Monsters. This is why it is easily a noble one right now. Though the pattern for the Monsterverse is not doing well as compared to Godzilla 2014. There’s probably several reasons for that one is when people actually saw Godzilla 2014 they were not actually over impressed with the film. So in their minds this one would probably be the same and they decided not to go to the theaters and watch it. I’m sure the probably going to come that on DVD. This film in itself through the entire theater run as well as the Blu-ray and DVD releases along with the merchandising it should do pretty good. Honestly I don’t think it would come close to Godzilla 2014 as it made roughly around $540 million. Kong: Skull Island is another film that did even better than Godzilla. So there are 3 Monsterverse films so far. If this one doesn’t do well and Godzilla versus Kong if is not well written and it does not upset the fans if there’s too much human characterization in this film then it’s going to fail as well. There’s got to be slumping numbers. This will and the Monsterverse.

To further add to this I had a YouTuber who made a comment about my video I posted based on a leak script of Godzilla versus Kong and we know for fact that these lease scripts are not 100% accurate, but I do know that the copyright will expire in 2021 shortly after the movie’s release. It is said that if these movies do well enough profit wise they will continue the Monsterverse however, we are not seeing this with this new movie, but right now it is too early to tell on whether or not they will continue it or not. Anyway this YouTuber that they already have the copyrights to Godzilla and I did not get a response back when I asked where he got that information from. Either he was messing around or he has no clue. Anyway long story short if the Monsterverse does not succeed with this film we will not see any more monster films from Legendary or Warner Bros. Of these not for now. Another thing I like to mention is Universal Studios owns the rights to King Kong also says that it is not their problem if they should fail in making the profits that they need for the Monsterverse to succeed that all falls on Warner Bros. and legendary pictures.

Anyway long story short I’m going to ended here as the entire movie I did thoroughly enjoy, but there were a few things I didn’t care for the whole Godzilla standing on that hill people kind of odd. Another thing I like to mention that I did not care about and a lot of people don’t care about is the fact that when we have these fight scenes they seem to automatically cut to the human characters. You should not do this with a Kaiju film. You should concentrate on the flights and then have the human characters centered on those particular fights and not cut off to the human characters in the middle of the fight. They did this with Godzilla 2014 and this is probably another reason why people don’t like what they do with these films. The last thing you really care for and it’s not a major complaint is the fact that this Godzilla is way too powerful and he killed Ghidorah a little too easy without power. It should straight out fine because honestly in this film Godzilla was holding his own to a certain degree and it would’ve been a great fight if it wasn’t for that super power ups that he gets. He would not have defeated Ghidorah otherwise. Anyway people I will see you at the next movie review. .


Avengers: Infinity/Endgame’s 2019 Review

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com

This review will be containing some spoilers if you haven’t seen the film yet my suggestion is not to read this until you back to seeing the film. “You have been warned.”

avengers postrt art

  • Because Marvel Studios is owned by Walt Disney this movie was released on April 26, 2019.
  • Now before we get into this let me give you a short synopsis of what these 2 films are about. In a grave course of events that are set in motion by the alien known as Thanos, and his intentions are wiped out half of the universe and fracture the Avengers. By the literally just one half of the avengers to fend for themselves. This is set in it to me conclusion.
  • It is directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo they are brothers.
  • It is an action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy film.
  • Its rating is PG-13.
  • Its runtime is roughly 181 minutes long.

The Cast of the Film

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man:

The benefactor of the Avengers, with electromechanical suits of armor of his own making. According to directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Downey was one of the few actors to read the entire screenplay for the film.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America:

The leader of the Avengers. A World War II veteran, he was enhanced to the peak of human physicality by an experimental serum and frozen in suspended animation before waking up in the modern world.

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Hulk:

An Avenger and a genius scientist who, because of exposure to gamma radiation, possesses enhanced strength and a monstrous appearance. In this film, Banner has managed to balance his two sides with gamma experimentation, enabling him to balance his intelligence with the Hulk’s strength and physical stature, based on the “Professor Hulk” comic book identity. This concludes a character arc that was established in Thor: Ragnarok and continued in Avengers: Infinity War.


Chris Hemsworth as Thor:

An Avenger and the king of Asgard, based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name. Thor now wields a mystical axe known as Stormbreaker, after the destruction of his hammer Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok. In the film, Thor has become an overweight, drunken ruler of Asgard’s refugees in Tønsberg, Norway. Referencing this drastic character change, Hemsworth said, “I just had an opinion. I wanted to do something different this time. Each film I’ve wanted to, in particular, the last couple, and they were on board,” and added,

“We shot for many hours and days and discussed how far could we push (Thor) and what we could do different.” Anthony Russo added, “Even though there’s a lot of fun to be had in the movie with his physical condition, it’s not a gag. It’s a manifestation of where he is on a character level, and we think it’s one of the most relatable aspects of him. I mean, it’s a very common sort of response to depression and pain.”

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow: A highly trained spy, a member of the Avengers, and a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye:

A master archer who is a former Avenger and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Barton has a new outfit in the film, visually similar to that of Ronin from the comics.

Don Cheadle as James “Rhodey” Rhodes / War Machine:

A former officer in the U.S. Air Force and Avenger who operates the War Machine armor.

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang / Ant-Man:

A former petty criminal who acquired a suit that allows him to shrink or grow in scale and increase in strength. Lang is portrayed by twins Bazlo and Loen LeClair as a baby, by Jackson Dunn at age 12, and by Lee Moore at age 93. This was Moore’s final film before his death.

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel:

An ex-U.S. Air Force pilot whose DNA was altered during an accident, which imbues her with the powers of superhuman strength, energy projection and flight. Co-screenwriter Christopher Markus stated that Danvers’ powers are on a scale that has not previously existed in the MCU and likened her personality to Rogers’, “which is sort of a person who’s right and knows they’re right and doesn’t really want to hear it when you tell them they’re wrong”. Larson filmed her scenes for Endgame before beginning work on her solo film Captain Marvel, which was released first. Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck were present for the filming of her scenes in Endgame and gave Danvers’ characterization in the film their blessing.

Karen Gillan as Nebula:

An adopted daughter of Thanos who was raised with Gamora as siblings.

Danai Gurira as Okoye:

A Wakandan traditionalist from the Border Tribe, who is the head of the Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s all-female special forces and T’Challa’s bodyguards.

Benedict Wong as Wong:

An associate of Stephen Strange.

Jon Favreau as Harold “Happy” Hogan:

The former head of security for Stark Industries and Tony Stark’s driver and bodyguard.

Bradley Cooper as Rocket:

A member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who is a genetically-engineered raccoon-based bounty hunter and mercenary, and is a master of weapons and battle tactics. Sean Gunn was again the stand-in for Rocket during filming, with his acting and expressions serving as motion reference for the character.

Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia “Pepper” Potts:

Stark’s wife and the CEO of Stark Industries, who wears a powered exosuit of armor in the film, her own variation of a suit of Iron Man’s armor, similar to that of Rescue from the comics.Paltrow said this would be her final major appearance in the MCU.

Josh Brolin as Thanos:

An intergalactic despot from Titan who collected the six Infinity Stones to inflict his will on all of reality. Joe Russo said that after Thanos was successful in Avengers: Infinity War, he is now “done. He did it. He’s retired.” In addition to providing the voice for the character, Brolin performed motion capture on set.

The Film Review in My Thoughts


Now as I begin to do this movie review with my thoughts and opinions we will add some of the elements from the 1st part of Avengers: Infinity Wars as this will play an important part of this movie review.

Before we get into the actual review let’s get an understanding of this to film set. Now according to websites the Avengers: Endgame is a 2019 American superhero film that is based on Marvel comic’s superhero team known as the Avengers. This company is now owned by Walt Disney and Walt Disney also owns Fox Studios. This is one gigantic company that is buying out everything.

The film was announced on October 2014 as a 2nd part to the movie Avengers: Infinity Wars and it would be directed by the Russo brothers. Now this movie Endgame is one of the most expensive movies that have ever been made. This movie came at a cost of $356 million as the estimated budget. That’s pretty impressive as well as paying all the actors and actresses in the film that cost is ridiculous.

Now we would get into the movie review and what I will do is let you know about certain scenes and give you my personal opinions on those scenes and the characters in this film as well.

Let’s start with the beginning of the film the setting is roughly 3 weeks after Thanos uses the infinity stones in order to disintegrate half of all life across the universe.

In the next scene we do see Carol Danvers rescue nebula and Tony Stark from deep space asked for some strange reason they were stuck in a spaceship. Now the 1st thing I noticed while they were on the spaceship is that Tony Stark had been on there for a while and he has lost a massive amount of weight as he is really skinny they did a fantastic job on the CGI make it look very realistic. Eventually he would pass out or we assume that he actually died but he didn’t. This is where we see the giant glow which would be Carol Danvers she would show up and rescue them. The movie in my opinion the start off quite well I have no disagreements there as both Nebula and Tony Stark have conversations.

They would eventually be returned to Earth and they are greeted by Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, rocket, Thor, and James Rhodes. Eventually they would use the knowledge that was taken from nebula’s mind and they would use it in order to find out a different way in order to return all the other people that have been snapped away.

They would somehow create a time worm hole of sorts and they would go back into the past retrieve the stones and make them disappear so Thanos could not re-create this event.

Anyone progressing into the film the one thing I’ve noticed is that Bruce Banner is now Prof. Hulk and he looks amazing with the Mark Ruffalo’s face. He is a little smaller than your traditional Hulk. This kind of disappointed me in a way because of all the rumors and theories that were created for this bill before its release. They would come up with the fact that the World Breaker Hulk would come in this film and totally destroy Thanos. The green guy played an essential part in this film however, I felt they could’ve done more with the green guy. Don’t get me wrong I did not mind his character in this film even though they didn’t treat him the way I thought they would. He did his part.

The cool thing about this film is we do see elements of the past coming back into the future. An example of this would be Gomora decided to come back with them and she is no longer dead as according to the 1st film Thanos sacrifices her for the soul stone. Instead she is replaced with Natasha Romanoff and Hawkeye as they went into the past in order to get the soul stone they would fight to see you would die and Natasha Romanoff did in fact fall to her death ending her career in the avengers as far as we know.

I will tell you this they are in the process of actually creating another film based on the Black Widow which is her character it probably will be in origin-based film.

One thing I like to point out is I used to be a big fan of Scarlett Johansson now not so much and will just leave it at that. I like her but not as much as Elizabeth Olson I think she is incredibly sexy.

Now Thor plays a different role in this film as an overweight drunken God. I believe it is because in the 1st film he did in fact try to stop Thanos however he did escape and it seriously along with the rest of the members of the Avengers took its toll on the mentally when he (Thanos) snapped the other half of the people out of existence. This did play a role on him as he felt extremely guilty about the whole thing however he does eventually come back around.

Thor does play a pivotal role in the 1st film and in my opinion he was a close one of the bunch once he got a hold and they created the storm breaker. He was a total badass in the 1st film. It would also use a storm breaker and the hammer that he would go back into the past and talk to his mother and at the same time he end up grabbing the hammer from the past as it was destroyed in Thor Ragnorok as his half-sister Hela was extremely powerful in her own right even more powerful than Thor.

Now is there going back into the past they want from different angles of the certain events that would happen. The one scene that people seem to question is the death of Black Widow. No offense I just don’t care for her character and I am glad that she is dead. I know that sounds harsh but honestly she was just there to all the entire avengers movies she was a strong character but I never really appreciated her character. Because black widow chose to kill herself and fall to her death at the Vormir Shrine it did allow Hawkeye to attain the soul stone as she is definitely dead if you got that soul stone. Her fall to a lot of people was more tragic because the audience knew she was not coming back. Now as I mentioned earlier in the 1st film this same situation happened to Gomora. Though she does come back from the past into the future. Or the present day.

Now towards the end of this film we do see that Iron Man is no more. He steals the stones from the gauntlet of Thanos and places it in one of his own creations and snapped his fingers and this would bring all the other half of the people disappeared back through a time warp as they begin to fight Thanos and his army. Doing this Thanos knew he just lost a fight and he sat down and slowly disappeared along with all the enemies for some strange reason they to disappear. Instead of just half the population in the universe disappearing it seems that the enemies are now disappearing. It is my understanding I believe you can control what you can take away with that gauntlet.


Anyway long story short we know that in this film Tony Stark after being rescued on that ship it would be 5 years later and he would have a daughter who is absolutely adorable. So now he is a family man. Within the process of going back into the past he too would confront his father and eventually forgive him and have certain moments with his own dad. It would come full circle. As we see in this film Tony Stark is not as insensitive as he does now have a heart as I mentioned before he is forgiving.

Eventually they would bring those stones back to the present day however there would be a problem as Thanos would soon discover what they were doing and he would travel to the present day and eventually Hell would ensue on earth.

The ultimate battle in supremacy in order to stop Thanos from re-creating the event he does manage to get a hold of the stones and a lot of the originals would eventually come back such as Spiderman, Valkries, Black Panther, Draks, Starlord, as well as other characters that have gone missing from the 1st film would make their appearance with the exception of certain ones. We know that Vision did not come back because Thanos ripped the Mind Stone from his head killing him instantly.

This is where you would see the Scarlet witch which at 1st she did not seem to be all that powerful but as we progress through the films she became incredibly powerful and literally manhandled Thanos as he would have trouble with her. I will tell you this about her she is extremely sexy absolutely beautiful. She does stand apart from Scarlett Johansson in a lot of ways.

Anyway getting back on track this film towards the end as we do see the fight scenes is absolutely spectacular and you can see where the expense comes in because it is obsessively consumed by a bunch of CGI in the final battle. And it does look amazing. Anyway Capt. Marvel would show up in stop were trying to stop Thanos and eventually it would get to the point that Thanos could not do anything with Capt. Marvel until he exchange energy from one hand to the other blasting Capt. Marvel straight into a mountainside. I believe she got knocked out when not happen.

Now towards the end as I mentioned there will be spoilers here and I know a lot of you already know this. Tony Stark does sacrifice himself and there is no more Iron Man to speak up. He would use the gauntlet strip the stones from Thanos’s gauntlet and place them in his own version of the gauntlet and he would snap his fingers and that is where we see that all the enemies instead of just half of the universe disappearing. This also includes Thanos as he sits down and realizes he just lost the fight and he slowly disappears.

I will tell you this it is a fantastic movie if you haven’t seen it yet you deftly want to check it out and if you did read some of this I will tell you this you will know something about this film I did not give too much away just some key important elements that I found interesting. All in all this is a great movie the 1st one connected to the 2nd one in a small way, but these 2 movies are really good to watch as if you would actually put these 2 together they would make a great film. The Russo brothers did a fantastic job of both of these movies. .

An American Werewolf in Paris (1997) Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Hello Everyone;

Today we are going to touch base on a movie that I did see a very long time ago and pretty much forgotten everything about this film. However, before we get into this movie review let me tell you my all-time favorite werewolf movie is in fact “An American Werewolf in London” and we are getting ready to do a movie review based on a very loose sequel that is called An American Werewolf in Paris.

Now as I mentioned there are a lot of elements about the 1981 film that I do truly love about the film. The most intricate and interesting aspect about the film is the werewolf. It is my favorite incarnation of a werewolf. The design as well as its fluid motion in the way that Rick Baker handled it he did an amazing job.

Now to get into the actual SQL that did come out 16 years later. Let me tell you the senses out there for this movie is definitely a negative. On certain aspects about this film and I’m going to give you my thoughts on what I think about this film.

Let’s start with the beginning of the film and how it relies on the 1981 film. This film just like the 1981 film is supposed to be a comedy/horror film. I would assume that is what this is. Let’s talk about the humor in this film to me it comes off all kinds of wrong. It does not have the same tenacity or feel as an American Werewolf in London does.

Their sense of humor one I listen and watch the film just seems rather stupid. The acting is not that much better. I think for the most part the kid that is in the lead part of this film also starred in another film but I do like and that is “That Thing You Do” he is the drummer for that particular group in that film. I do like his acting however in this film comes off rather childless in some ways and I think for the most part it is because he still very young and not experience as an actor. This is possibly one of his 1st films.

The storyline is very similar to that of An American Werewolf in London. It seems that of a kid runs into a gigantic beast like dog and we all know that is a werewolf and he somehow gets bitten by this werewolf in the leg and for obvious reasons he turns into a werewolf. Now towards the end we do see Andy does come across another werewolf and he soon discovers that this is the werewolf that actually bid him and eventually he falls on a needle that would suddenly turn him into a werewolf. He would eventually kill and eat the heart of the very 1st werewolf that bid him and all is well after that.

Listed further into the storyline because it is set in Paris the acting the whole French connection thing just doesn’t come off well for me. There is a lot of things about this movie I do not like. The storyline does go awry and it is what it is when it comes to this film. On the other thing I simply didn’t like about this film even though it was set in the 90s the CGI was absolutely horrible. The werewolves it seems from this point on they want to use CGI for everything. I will tell you this CGI werewolves they are not law in this film. They even have a funny look to them. No way will they ever compared to any of the CGI werewolves that they have made today. Anyway long story short there isn’t really much about this film that you could possibly appreciate.


I will tell you this this one is an embarrassing SQL that is loosely connected to the 1981 film and thank God for that. Anyway let’s get into some interesting facts about this film.

Here’s something interesting about Julie Delpy. The only reason she did this film was to actually pay her rent.

Another interesting thing is John Landis was the original choice to direct this sequel.

Despite the fact that this is a horrible movie and a digit poor reviews the film not in itself what the original is a reason why we have a strong cult following over the years.

There was in fact a deleted scene from the movie it was discovered that the werewolf society that dwells in Paris have been around for many centuries and it is said that the werewolf that attacked David Kessler and Jack Goodman in An American Werewolf in London was at one time a member of this particular society. Strange connection ha?

John Landis did write one of the many screenplays that was actually considered for this film.

Tom Everett Scott did in fact do his own stunts. Anyway enough about that I will tell you this if you can tolerate watching it go and check it out and you will see what I am talking about. The story is all over the place it’s not that good the acting is mediocre at best. The sense of humor in this film is way off in my opinion as well. The worst part about this film is those horrible CGI werewolves. This film did not get a decent budget nor did he gets decent CGI.

Colossal Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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This particular movie review is loaded with all kinds of spoilers, so if you have not seen the movie yet and do not want to spoil my advice is not to read this for review.


Today I am going to give you my thoughts on the newest movie that just came out on April 7, 2017. The movie is written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo. It stars Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell, and Tim Blake Nelson. Last but not least this is produced by the production company known as Voltage Pictures. It had a budget of $15 million. The film did in fact premiere at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

This movie is about Gloria (Anne Hathaway) who is unemployed as a writer that is struggling with alcoholism. She would eventually get kicked out until she starring herself all by her boyfriend and would eventually run into her childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) who now runs his deceased father’s bar. Oscar is warm and offers to set up her apartment which certain assets and offers her a job at the bar.

This particular scene is typical for an alcoholic’s environment is a no no and she is really as she does slip a lot and gets drunk each and every time. I will tell you this is not that bad so far as I do like and Hathaway’s acting so she does make things a little interesting. I will tell you this this is not your typical monster movie like Godzilla 2014, Super 8, and Cloverfield where you have to wait to see the monster towards the end were very little of. This movie is not the case you do see it eventually.

Anyway getting back on track Gloria and stumble on a very unique playground and when she steps onto the playground it seems that a gigantic monster shows up on the other side of the planet Seoul Korea. With her friends around they do discover that this monster does mimic.


This monster is very unique looking as you can see in the image above is not your typical Kaiju. I will tell you this Kaiju is very interesting to look at as first but it is not the destructive Kaiju that most people would consider it today. The design of this Kaiju as you can see is very tall and he does not have no serious mass to it as it is very skinny in nature.

Anyone Gloria does try to make amends for all the damage that this creature does over there and Seoul Korea by writing out an apology in Korean. This is where she starts to avoid being around the playground and alcohol. So far I’ve to say I’m not disappointed in this movie as I’ve said before it does get interesting even though in most cases it starts off slow this one is no exception to that role but it does get interesting. However not like you think it does to be captivated.


Just after a drunken stupor received that Oscar is now using his avatar to taunt the South Koreans. After a very intense confrontation Gloria does manage to escape and receive Oscar has taken part in a jealousy act and insults his friends and also the man’s Gloria to have a drink. It gets to the point where Oscar does threaten Gloria to obey him, threatening to return to the playground if she does not. Oscar and he is struggling with certain issues and we would eventually find out what that is. It would be the next morning that a sobering Oscar would confess his remorse and pleads with Gloria to forgive him. Gloria eventually does accept his apology but we all know that it does come clear that Oscar does want to control her based on the fact that she has a Kaiju on her side.

There is a flashback to a freak accident or incident that occurs with lightning striking both Gloria and Oscar when they were kids passing through the very same playground revealing to Gloria how she and Oscar are able to manifest their avatars in South Korea. This is where it gets quite interesting as we find out how these giant creatures occur in just a little record Gloria does manifest a giant Kaiju were Oscar manifests a giant robot.

Gloria also discovers why Oscar does act out in violence and manipulation he does in fact hate himself. This is where Gloria does in fact leave town with Tim at the same time Oscar is still threatening to make good on his threat as he has for the playground. Within the process Oscar does beat Gloria leaving her on the playground while he terrorizes Seoul Korea.


Gloria again has an epiphany and she manages to contact him and apologize saying that she cannot join him and she takes a plane straight to South Korea this is where it gets different. It would be 805 in the morning US time Oscar causes the giant robot to manifest in Seoul. This is where Gloria walks towards Oscar’s avatar Gloria causes Hamas to appear right in front of the playground where Oscar is and he becomes deathly afraid as this Kaiju does grip him with his giant hand. Oscar eventually gets angry and pretty much tells Gloria to let him go or “put me down, bitch!” At this given point in time Gloria/Kaiju throws Oscar away like a broken toy and was in the process you see over Seoul Korea the robot is floating in the air and at the same time it is thrown in the air for disappearing from Seoul Korea forever.

Gloria had completed her mission and did in fact retreat to an empty bar in Seoul settling into her seat Gloria promises a young woman that is serving drinks an incredible story. At this point this is where Gloria just simply is out alongside. This is the end of the film!

Now we will elaborate further on what I think about this film as I watched it again I wasn’t totally disappointed, but at the same time it’s not your typical Kaiju movie as it does not have massive fighting what you would see in the movie Pacific Rim or any Godzilla movie for that fact. It’s not one of those movies where it will leave you this interest with Anne Hathaway and the rest of the crew makes an interesting as it is not a terrible story. Kaiju fight scenes very lacking as well as the design not bad at all but not overly impressive. The robot does resemble a Jaeger from Pacific Rim just not as detailed. But it does make for interesting movie overall not a bad smell at all. I wasn’t totally displeased!

10 Cloverfield Lane: a film in retrospective


Written by Barney Buckley

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Monsters Come in Many Forms

Is this the second movie to Cloverfield? Or is a completely different movie. This review is a basic understanding of the second movie and how I feel about it as well as some basic trivia and interesting facts about this movie. Let’s begin with the actual synopsis to the movie.


10 Cloverfield Lane is an American science-fiction psychological thriller that was directed by Dan Trachtenberg and he was released in 2016. It starred John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and John Gallagher Jr. is technically the second film to the Cloverfield series of films. This film is centered on a script that was titled “The Cellar” under the guidance of the company called Bad Robot and a sanity that this film turned into a spiritual successor to the 2008 psychological film Cloverfield.

The film starts out with a young woman who, after a car crash, wakes up in an underground bunker with two men who insist that strange events have left the surface of Earth uninhabitable this is what she was told. The film was released on March 11, 2016 in conventional and IMAX theaters. The film in itself received positive reviews from critics the audience on the other hand that is a different story. The film itself garnered a total gross of $108 million worldwide which is not bad for film like this.

What I Thought about the Film

This is a film just like the first one that seem to concentrate a little too much on the human character and nowhere near enough on the starring character. That would be the actual monsters unfortunately you don’t get to see them until the end of the film. The very first Cloverfield film was just that and Cloverfield in itself was a shaky camera documentary style film, and I will tell you I am definitely not a big fan of that. When I left the theater I literally had a headache it’s just not a good film to watch in that aspect. This film however did not have a shaky camera bullshit that the first one had however in my opinion it was very boring human character wise as I tend to skip throughout the entire movie. Towards the end of the film you do eventually see a spacecraft it’s been a while since I’ve seen it but I believe it crash lands or a creature comes out of it unfortunately I can’t remember what the creature looks like, but I will tell you this they usually do a fantastic job on the creature designs. All in all this film is typical Cloverfield type films in my opinion not anyone else’s the storyline concentrates too much on human characters with a very cool creature affect towards the end. I’m not a big fan of this type of film. JJ Abrams is famous for this. The movie super eight was the exact same situation 90% human character and then you finally see the creature. Too much of that going on in my opinion, but there is a plus to this whole thing it keeps the Kaiju genre alive.


This film was Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s first and only choice for the lead role of Michelle.

A little-known quirky piece of trivia why this is I do not know, but the cast members weren’t told the title of the movie dorm production this was to preserve the secret as long as he possibly can.

The name of the actual gas station that Michelle stops at to refuel is named “Kelvin”. This is an Easter I for one of JJ Abrams projects it was a tribute to his maternal grandfather his name was Henry Kelvin who owned an electronics company and influenced Abrams as a boy.

The slushy brand they call “Slusho” was from the original film Cloverfield that came out in 2008 also appeared in the window of a convenience store in this film. (There’s the connection LOL)

According to producer JJ Abrams this bill is considered a “blood-relative” to the original Cloverfield film (2008).

John Goodman’s character in one scene is watching the movie “Pretty in Pink” which came out in 1986. In that movie, Molly Ringwald’s character as a hobby of making dresses. This is a subtle allusion to Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character in this movie, as she also dreams of being a seamstress.

If you listen closely to the alien spaceship it does in fact make a roar that is very similar if not the same roar to the Cloverfield monster.


In conclusion as you have read this you know I’m not a big fan of these kind of films after those who do appreciate these kind of films these are great films for those common people. Not for me (I am sorry to say) I will tell you this this film as it is rich in does take place in the same universe as the Cloverfield film however there is no apparent connection between the two films producer JJ Abrams has stated that the studio has a plan to tie the two films together as well as a possible or possible future films in the franchise to literally tie them together. That is the plan! Furthermore there was a conversation during the film that Michelle, Emmet do have a conversation about Howard’s theory about space worms. This directly foreshadows the physical appearance all the alien life form that Michelle encounters at the end of this film. This is where I say the creature concepts are absolutely amazing in these films. It is an enjoyable film if you haven’t seen it already go ahead and check it out once and you can draw your own conclusion.

The Deadly Mantis 1957: A Film in Retrospective

Written by Barney Buckley

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  • Craig Stevens as Col. Joe Parkman
  • William Hopper as Dr. Nedrick ‘Ned’ Jackson
  • Alix Talton as Marge Blaine
  • Donald Randolph as Gen. Mark Ford
  • Pat Conway as Sgt. Pete Allen
  • Florenz Ames as Prof. Anton Gunther
  • Paul Smith as Corporal, Parkman’s Clerk
  • Phil Harvey as Lou, Radar Man
  • Floyd Simmons as Army Sergeant
  • Paul Campbell as Lt. Fred Pizar
  • Helen Jay as Mrs. Farley
  • Directed by Nathan H. Juran[1]
  • Produced by William Alland
  • Screenplay by Martin Berkeley
  • Story by William Alland
  • Cinemaography Ellis W. Carter
  • Edited by Chester Schaeffer
  • Production Company -Universal-International
  • Distributed by Universal-International
  • Release Date May 1, 1957 (LA), May 26, 1957 (US)
  • Running time 78-79 minutes
  • Country United States
  • Language English

What Is the Deadly Mantis?

The Deadly Mantis is a 1957 American science-fiction monster movie that was produced by Universal International. It was also directed by Nathan Juran who also directed the film 20 Million Miles to Earth which is another classic film that features an alien monster from Venus. Nathan Juran is also the director such films as The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, as well as other films in general. This film was released as a double feature with a spy film called “The Girl in the Kremlin”. In 1997 The Deadly Mantis was featured on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Synopsis to the Film

In the South Seas, a volcano explodes, eventually causing North Pole icebergs to shift. Below the melting polar ice caps, a 200-foot-long praying mantis, trapped in the ice for millions of years, begins to stir. Soon after, the military personnel at Red Eagle One, a military station in northern Canada that monitors information gathered from the Distant Early Warning Line, realize that the men at one of their outposts are not responding to calls. Commanding officer Col. Joe Parkman (Craig Stevens) flies there to investigate, and finds the post destroyed, its men gone, and giant slashes left in the snow outside.

When a radar blip is sighted, Joe sends his pilots out to investigate, but their intended target disappears. Soon an Air Force plane is attacked by the deadly mantis. He searches the wreckage, and this time, in addition to the huge slashes, finds a five-foot-long pointed object in the snow. He takes it to General Mark Ford (Donald Randolph) at the Continental Air Defense (CONAD) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ford gathers top scientists, including Professor Anton Gunther (Florenz Ames ), to examine the object, but when they cannot identify it, Gunther recommends calling in Dr. Nedrick Jackson (William Hopper), a paleontologist at the Museum of Natural History.

When Ned gets the call from Ford, he is helping museum magazine editor Marge Blaine (Alix Talton) plan her next issue, and dodges her questions as she begs him for a big scoop. Later, after examining the object, Ned recognizes it as a torn-off spur from an insect’s leg, and soon guesses, from evidence that the creature ate human flesh, that it must be a gigantic praying mantis. Meanwhile, in the Arctic, the people of an Eskimo village spot the mantis in the sky, and although they hurry to their boats to escape, it swoops down and kills several men.

Ned is sent to Red Eagle One to investigate further, and upon leaving, discovers that Marge has managed to get permission to accompany him as his photographer. They reach the base, where all the men, including Joe, are smitten by Marge. That night, Marge and Joe join Ned in his office and discuss the creature, not realizing that it is drawing close to the office window. Marge suddenly catches sight of it and screams, and the bug attacks the building. Although the full unit opens fire on the mantis with automatic rifles and a flame-thrower, it is unscathed and moves away only after planes encircle it.

Hours later, the base remains on red alert, but they finally hear that the bug has attacked a boat off the Canadian coast, which means, Ned calculates, that it is flying at a speed of 200 miles an hour. Ford calls a press conference to announce the bug’s existence, and asks the Ground Observer Corps to track its whereabouts. Over the next few days, Ned, Marge and Joe track the bug’s progress with the help of military and civilian observers. Late one night, Joe drives Marge home, stopping briefly to ask for, and receive, a kiss. They are distracted by a report of a nearby train wreck, and although they assume it to be an ordinary accident, soon after, a woman leaving a bus sees the mantis, and all emergency personnel are put on alert. The mantis is then sighted in Washington, D.C., atop the Washington Monument.

Joe is one of the pilots who attempt to drive the mantis toward the sea, but a dense fog throws him off course, and he flies directly into it. As the wounded mantis drops to the ground and crawls into the Manhattan Tunnel, Joe safely parachutes to the ground. Ford leads a team that seals off the tunnel, filling it with smoke to provide cover for Joe and his special unit of men, who enter the tunnel armed with rifles and three chemical bombs. They creep past wrecked cars until suddenly the bug appears in the fog only a few yards ahead of them. They shoot at it, but it lumbers on, forcing them backward. The mantis seems immune to the ammunition and the first chemical bombs until, only feet from the tunnel entrance, Joe throws a bomb in its face, and it collapses, dead.

Later, Ford, Ned, Joe and Marge enter the tunnel to examine the bug. Marge photographs its face while the men walk around its side, but Joe suddenly sees the mantis’ arm move, and runs to protect Marge. Although Ned explains that the bug’s movement was merely an autonomic reflex, Joe takes the opportunity to pull Marge into an embrace.

Let Us Talk about Some Interesting Facts about the Production of the Film

The Deadly Mantis was the first science fiction film that was directed by Nathan Juran who had said that the opening sequence was definitely his idea.

In order to create the film special effects there was indeed a 200 foot war 61 m x 40’ 12 m long papier-mâché model of the deadly mantis. The wingspan on this papier-mâché version was approximately 150 feet wide war 46 m wide and it was fitted with a hydraulic system. There was also to smaller models there were also built, one that was literally 6 feet or 1.8 m long and the other one was roughly around 14 or 30 m long they were both used for scenes where the deadly mantis walk or actually fly.

There was in fact shots of a real praying mantis that were used for the scene in which the deadly mantis does in fact climb the Washington Monument.

The film does utilize stock Air Force footage that was taken from the short films such as “Guardians All”, and “One Plane-One Bond” and finally a film that is called “SFP 308.” The footage for the Eskimo village was taken from the Universal Studios 1933 film SOS Iceberg.

Let Us Talk about the Reception of the Film

The film did in fact receive a rating of 4 1/2/10 on the IMDb database and it also has a current rating of 38% on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. Now according to the website called “Atomic Monsters” it looked at the film in a somewhat positive light by giving it a “radioactive rating of 5 atomic blasts out of 5”.

Home Media Based on the Film

Universal Studios did release The Deadly Mantis on DVD in a box set called The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection Volume 2 I do have both sets of this box set and they do have I believe 10 sci-fi giant monster type films. This particular box set also includes 4 of the film such as Dr. Cyclops, The Land Unknown, Cold All the Cobra, and finally The Leach Woman.

Trivia Based on the Deadly Mantis 1957

It was during the movie that the Air Force still send a message to members of the Ground Observer Corps asking for help in spotting the mantis. This was in fact a real group that did exist at least during World War II. It did comprise of regular citizens who received basic training in spotting and identifying aircraft’s, but it was discontinued by 1959.

The footage showing the Eskimos fleeing from the mantis is actually from S.O.S. Eisberg (1933).

Alix Talton (who resembled Della Street in this movie) was reunited with William Hopper the following year 1958 on the Perry Mason TV series episode ‘The Case of the Long-Legged Models’ in the role of Eva Elliot.

Originally released on a double bill with The Girl in the Kremlin (1957).

The first stock footage of the aircraft carrier is the USS Antietam, CV-36, the first US carrier with an angled deck. The operations clip is of the CV-34 USS Oriskany. They were both Essex-class carriers and most ships in this class received the SCB-125 upgrade, which installed the angled deck; however, the USS Oriskany was the LAST ship in this class to get the new deck. The take-off scene was from the deck of the USS Philippine Sea CV-47. The USS Oriskany (CV-34) was scuttled as an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico (May 2006).

Universal Pictures production number 1830.

Two actors went on to become well known TV Detectives. Craig Stevens became Peter Gunn, while William Hopper became Paul Drake

The Daimajin Trilogy: Movies in Retrospective

Written by Barney Buckley
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DAIMAJIN (“Dai” being a Japanese word for “great” or “giant”) was successful enough to create three separate movies within the same year. American International Pictures released the film here as MAJIN; MONSTER OF TERROR, in a flat, pan-and-scan, dubbed version for American television. Luckily, AD Vision, Inc, under the banner of Rubber suit Pictures, released an affordable three disc set in widescreen, with English subtitles and Dolby Digital Sound (Akira Ifukube, who did the music for the Godzilla films, created a fantastic pounding score for all three DAIMAJIN films)

Let’s talk about Daimajin is classified as the “Great Demon God and it is a giant statue that comes to life and takes revenge on the evil Lord who takes over the village. There are a total of 3 films altogether and yes they were all made within the same year in 1966. They were made back to back. The tentative titles for these films are Daimajin, Return of Daimajin (Daimajin ikaru), and Wrath of Daimajin (Daimajin gyakushu).

There is a new television show that is based around these particular movies and it is called Daimajin Kanon and it did premier in Japan back in 2010. It does feature a brand-new Daimajin and it takes place in the modern-day Japan. You can find these episodes on YouTube.

What is Daimajin?

In the first movie it does start out with a household of peasants cowering during a series of earth tremors that are interpreted as the escape attempts of Daimajin. To them it is known as a spirit that is trapped within the mountain. The villagers have built a shrine in honor of this gigantic statue. And they worshiped the statue on a regular basis and the local feudal boss is observing this and his name is Lord Hanabassa and he is a good and just man. However it is also observed by a treacherous chamberlain and his name is Samanosuke (Yutaro Gomi). Samanosuke has been waiting for just such a diversion to stage a coup d’état.

As the villagers continue to pray Samanosuke and his henchmen slaughter Hanabasa and his wife, but their son and daughter escape, aided by the heroic samurai Kogenta (Jun Fujimaki). Back at the shrine, Samanosuke’s men break up the meeting, forbidding all such gatherings in the future. The priestess issues a dire warning, but the men ignore her.

Discouraged, the priestess, Shinobu, goes home, only to find Kogenta and the two children. She takes them up the side of the mountain, into forbidden territory, where the stone idol which is Daimajin stands, half-buried into the side of the mountain. Near this idol is an ancient temple – safe as only Shinobu knows of its existence.

The children grow to adulthood. The son, Tadafumi (Yoshihiko Aoyama) reaches his 18th birthday. The years have been miserable on the villagers. Samanosuke is a brutal leader who is using every man in the starving village as slave labor. The place is ripe for revolution, and surviving Hanabasa retainers are starting to return.

Kogenta journeys to the village to try to gather the old retainers, but gets himself captured. A boy gets word to Tadafumi and his sister, Kozasa (Miwa Takada) that their friend is a prisoner. Tadafumi tries to rescue him, only to discover it’s a trap. With both awaiting execution, Shinobu tries to talk to the tyrant, who is drinking too much and becomes incensed at all this talk of the god of the mountain; he murders the priestess and orders the idol demolished.

The crew that travels up the mountain to smash Daimajin accidentally discovers Kozasa, and force her to take them to the idol. The soldiers bring out an enormous chisel and proceed to hammer it into Majin’s head; they stop when they see blood beginning to drip from the statue. Horrified, the men attempt to flee, but the earth cracks open and swallows them.

Kozasa begs Daimajin to save her brother and punish the wicked Samanosuke. At the fortress, Tadafumi and Kogenta are tied to large crosses, awaiting their fates. Kozasa offers her life to Daimajin and attempts to throw herself over the nearby waterfall, but the rock and earth covering the lower half of the idol fall away, and it walks out into the clearing. Kozasa prostrates herself before it, as the stone mask disappears, revealing the true face of the Daimajin, a vengeful spirit resembling that of a grotesque shogun.

Daimajin goes to Samonosuke’s stronghold, which he destroys. After impaling Samanosuke with the chisel from his forehead, Daimajin now turns its wrath upon everyone in sight. Only Kozasa, once more offering her life and letting her teardrops fall on his stone feet, stops its rampage. The spirit leaves the statue, flying away. It collapses into a heap of rubble.

That is what the original story is about and this film did make its debut on April 17, 1966 and it was directed by Kimiyoshi Yasuda. This particular film and the statue’s name is also referred to in the English literal translation of Majin. The American title for this film is called “Majin, the Monster of Terror” and is also referred to as “Majin, The Hideous Idol” which is Daiei’s international sales title. Oh and by the way the Daiei film company that went bankrupt in 1971 also did the entire Gamera series all to his bankruptcy also did these films as well.

Now let’s touch base on the next movie which is called “Return of Daimajin (Daimajin ikaru)” in this film is a 2nd part of the trilogy the Daimajin idol or statue takes a residence on an island in the middle of the lake. The lake is surrounded by 2 peaceful villages Chigusa and Nagoshi.

Near these two villages, but not bordering the lake, is another village. Ruled by an evil lord, the citizens flee to Chigusa as often as they can, and make their way there, where the lords are only too happy to take in the refugees. One day the evil lord decides to take over the two villages, and he sees a window of opportunity in a festival that is held every year.

The heroes end up on the run as the villains chase them. People keep ending up back on the island with the statue. Eventually, the evil lord has his men shatter the statue with a large amount of gunpowder. Majin’s shattered remains end up at the bottom of the lake. True to the samurai formula is the amount of melodrama in Return of Daimajin. Occasionally something paranormal happens, but such occurrences are met rather indifferently. In the final fifteen minutes of the film, Majin finally comes to life and, like his predecessor, inflicts serious damage upon the evil lord and the surrounding landscape.

The 2nd film was released on August 13, 1966 and it was directed by Kenji Misumi. This film is also known as Majin Grows Angry (English Title), The Return of Giant Majin (American International Pictures Release Title), and it is also referred to as The Return of Majin.


The 3rd and final film of the trilogy is called “Wrath of Daimajin” or as it sometimes is called “Daimajin Strikes Again (Daimajin Gyakushu)

In the third and final film, the same statue from the first two movies is on top of a mountain rather than on the side. The fathers of some of the local children have been captured by an evil warlord and forced to work in their labor camps. When the four sons decide to go out and save their fathers, they have to cross the Majin Mountain, where the stone god lays sleeping, and a notoriously dangerous area full of treacherous terrain, evil samurai, and the angry Daimajin. The four boys are smart enough to pay their respects to the statue when they pass it so that they don’t incur the monster’s wrath.

Eventually, the warlord’s men anger the statue, who once again comes to life and destroys all those who haven’t been paying respect to him. The children and their fathers are spared while the work camp is destroyed.

This film is different, politically, from the first two in that Majin is awakened by the pleas of a poor, rural boy rather than by someone of rank, and fights to rescue and avenge common people. None of the heroes in this film are of noble rank, unlike the first two, in which the main protagonists were members of deposed noble families. This proves that Majin only takes side with commoners and is made clear when he kills castle retainers who, though unaffiliated with the villains, are indifferent to the commoners’ peril.

The Vital Statistics of Daimajin

  • Height-25 m tall or a little over 75 feet tall
  • Weight-estimated to be around 30,000 metric tons or 60,000 pounds
  • First Appearance-Daimajin (April 17, 1966)
  • Other Film Appearances-Return of the Giant Majin (August 13, 1966), and the Wrath of Daimajin (unknown)