Gigantis the Fire Monster (1955) Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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  • Title: “Gigantis the Fire Monster” (aka Godzilla Raids Again)
  • Authors: Barney Buckley and Ken Hulsey
  • Starring: Hiroshi Koizumi (Tsukioka), Minoru Chiaki (Kobayashi), Setsuko Wakayama (Hidemi), Takashi Shimura (Dr. Yamane)
  • Directed by: Motoyoshi Oda
  •   Produced By: Tomoyuki Tanaka Genre: Two great monsters battle to the death.
  • Japanese Release Date: April 24,1955, Running Time : 82 Minutes
  •   U.S. Release: June 2,1959,by Warner Brothers. Pictures Inc. Running Time : 78 Minute

Summary or Synopsis:

Kobayashi and Tsukioka are part of a small fishing fleet, they are pilots for this company. While Kobayashi’s plane has problems. Kobayashi is forced to landed on Iwato island. Tsukioka finds his partner in crime, there they stumble onto two great beasts clashing with each other. The monsters known as Godzilla to some and the name given to him is by Warner Brothers upon distribution is called Gigantis and the other monster is called Anguirus.

The two monsters fight until they fall into the ocean where they end up in Osaka, Japan. Gigantis eventually gets the better of Anguirus and kills the monster. Gigantis is now traveling to an off island where he is eventually trapped in ice by jet fighters bombing the hill side that is packed full of ice and snow.


The only gore I have seen here is when Gigantis takes a bite of Anguirus. He chomped down on his neck like a vampire hungry for blood.

Good Points:

Now the good points to this movie is unlike Godzilla 1954 where he plundered and destroyed Tokyo at a very calm and deliberate pace, Gigantis is the opposite , the monsters are very swift and agile, reason for this is they (Toho Company) filmed the fight scenes at a slower speed and the rest of the movie at the regular speed giving the monsters the impression of being very fast.

Tsuburaya who was the effects director for the film studied the movies from three different cameras all being the same speed except camera C. Tsuburaya actual liked it and left in this film and future films to come. Another thing I liked about this film was the actual design of Gigantis suits, I am partial to the spines of this suit.

Bad Points:

The one thing that sets in everyone’s mind is why the different name. Warner Brothers purchased the rights to the movie, they just did not want to fork out that extra penny for the name, and as for the roars are another thing in Warner Brothers version that bugs the crap out of me. Gigantis sounds like Anguirus at times what’s up with that. One thing I mentioned early was the design of the suit it also has its flaws like some scenes it shows Anguirus’s carapace separating and Godzilla seems at times (Example) in the bay coming ashore he looks like he is a on Slim fast diet.

Closing Statement:

This movie is a good one to watch like the original is has a dark and eerie feel about it. But it has its weak points too. Though it is the very movie that had Godzilla or Gigantis in this case gets his first enemy a foe who later becomes Godzilla’s friend in later movies.


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