Destroy All Monsters 1968 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Kaiju-Japanese-Movie-Posters-010-Destroy-All-Monsters-1968 The movie is “Destroy All Monsters 1968” the director of this movie is Ishiro Honda and the producer of this movie is Tomoyuki Tanaka. Its Japanese release date was on August 1, 1968, by the Toho Motion Picture Company and the US release was on May 28, 1969, by American International Pictures. It 1st premiered in Cincinnati. Running time 88 minutes for both the Japanese and US releases with the same amount minutes.

The taglines for this movie goes like this “the question is, who will be 1st? Godzilla? Rodan? Angilas? Which of these giant creatures will lead the others in the attack? Ah, they’re coming now! I believe I see something stirring there beyond the trees?”

This is how the storyline starts it starts in Japan in the year 1999 when futuristic science has conquered all of Earth’s once-dangerous monsters, which are now safely corralled “Monster Land” Ogasawara Island for study. But a technically sound and advanced race of alien women from Kilaak, a small planet between Mars and Jupiter, seizes control of the monsters and dispatch them on a worldwide assault campaign. They are demanding that mankind surrender, however the United Nations scientists eventually to take possession of the invaders mind control transmitters that are controlling the monsters thus turning them to attack these alien women at their secret base beneath Mount Fuji. However the space women release the mighty King Ghidorah, resulting in an epic battle.

Now what do I think about this movie will less just say I definite do like it, like the whole entire storyline with the space women take over the monsters mind and control them and you can see all of the monsters attack in different cities around the world. Rodan is unleashed on Moscow while the monster Gorosaurus is used to destroy Paris. You can see Mothra’s larva crawling through Peking, while Baragon does Paris and Manda does London. Godzilla however to set loose on New York and this would be twice in the entire series and the attacks of New York. So all in all this is perhaps is not without a doubt the best movie of the Showa series and why this is it is because of all the damn monsters.

There aren’t really any bad points about this movie so I probably won’t mention any year Salgado move into the trivia did you know that this film also marked the first appearance of Monster Island, which was called Monster Land in this film. And there were obvious mistakes in this movie and I do mean obvious “seams” running down the “sky” in many shots, revealing where the sections of the painted backdrop meet.

We’re going to the closing statement now Destroy All Monsters was undoubtedly plan as the ultimate monster extravaganza of Toho’s monster series. But the film, as with many of the Main door in the late 1960s and early 70s sufferers harshly from Internet scripting, that is doubly, and boring destruction seems that are actually recycled. In fact the special effects artist Eiji Tsuburaya had recently passed away shortly after the film’s release in 1968. After he had passed the special effects for these films were never quite the same nor were they improved until 1984 with the return of Godzilla. This movie all is a must-see and a must by is the best one of the Showa series because I mentioned of all the monsters it is a pretty cool movie.


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