Godzilla vs King Ghidorah 1991 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information

  • Director: Kazuki Omori
  • Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Japanese Release Date: December 14, 1991, by the Toho Motion Picture Company. Running Time 102 minutes.
  • US Release Date: May 1998, released directly to home video by Columbia TriStar Home Video. Running Time 102 minutes.
  • Taglines: “Take That, You Dinosaur”
  • Alternate Titles: Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991


Futurians: 23rd century travel back in time and erased Godzilla’s birth from history, by preventing a dinosaur nibbling on a South Pacific island known as Lagos Island during the 1940s from being exposed to US Nuclear Testing. The time travelers say there aim is to help Japan escape massive destruction by Godzilla, but their true motive-to provide Japan’s rise to economic supremacy. It is revealed that they have unleashed King Ghidorah and demanded a now Godzilla-less Japan’s surrender. It doesn’t work: the dinosaur becomes Godzilla anyway, it kills King Ghidorah and goes on a rampage; however on a keynote Godzilla was originally 80 m tall when the Futurians relocated the Godzillasaurus and it ran into that modern nuclear sub Godzilla on he became bigger he now stands at a whopping 100 m tall which is close to 400 feet tall. The heroes of this movie I’ve come up with elaborate idea to go forward into the future and get a hold of the King Ghidorah in that time zone and reconstruct can and bring him back to defeat Godzilla. In which they do and they returned with Mecha-King Ghidorah and the battle ensues eventually Mecha-King Ghidorah pics of Godzilla has out to the ocean and eventually they both collapsed into the ocean. Mecha-King Ghidorah does not survive however you do see Godzilla breathing bubbles and realizing that he cannot be destroyed.

What I Like About The Movie

I love the new design of the King Ghidorah as well as the new design of the Mecha-King Ghidorah. Godzilla as I have mentioned before is quite menacing and it is pretty much the same suit they used in Godzilla versus Biollante; however, it was tweaked up with a new head design as well as other body modifications. When Godzilla grew to be 100 m tall as he walked across the land the way it sounded it sounded like machine gun fire going on there was also it gave you the sense that he was extremely huge and powerful. King Ghidorah is well-designed as it is still no master Godzilla this Godzilla was extremely powerful. All these particular to characters comes the statues that you can purchase they are called “The Godzilla Wrapped” is where King Ghidorah wraps his neck around Godzilla and squeezes the life out of him and you can see the foam coming out of his mouth. This will only last for a few minutes before Godzilla and actually blows the head of King Ghidorah off leaving him with 2 heads and having him fly away only to be destroyed by Godzilla and crashing into the ocean. The bad things about this movie I would have to say the fight scenes were kind of cheesy and M11 will his character is seen running and it is blatantly obvious that he is running out some sort of track. That was kind of funny in a way.


  • The big white building in Shinjuku that takes a beating from Mecha-King Ghidorah and Godzilla during the final battle is the main center for tax in Japan, which is why the audience cheered when it was destroyed!
  • This became one of the most controversial Godzilla movies. Shortly after the film’s release in Japan, a cable news channel in America ran a lengthy story about the film’s alleged anti-American sentiments. Scenes of US soldiers being killed by the Godzillasaurus were shown on the network, and the plot featuring evil Westerners from the future was debated. Director Kazuki Ohmori, however, defended his artistic decision on camera, arguing that the film was not in fact meant to be anti-American. Economic tensions between East and West were high at this time, and the negative publicity was very much a sign of the times.
  • When the time travelers arrive in February 1944, a US Navy officer sees their spacecraft, but his commander dismisses the possibility of a UFO; the commander then says, “You can tell your son about when he’s born, Spielberg.” This is an obvious reference to Steven Spielberg, whose father Arnold served in the war and whose war stories inspired the frequent WWII settings of his films.
  • Scheduled for the 50th anniversary of Toho, the film’s original concept was going to be similar to Kingu Kongu tai Gojira (1962) and would have Godzilla face off against King Kong one-on-one. The film, which was to be titled Godzilla Vs. King Kong, never came to be because Turner Entertainment asked for too much money for the character King Kong; approximately 9 million US. So, Toho began to start production on Godzilla Vs. Mechanikong, the character that King Kong fights in Kingu Kongu no gyakushu (1967). However, Turner Entertainment still believed it was too similar to their character and asked for the same amount of money. In the end, Toho settled with reviving Godzilla’s most famous foe, King Ghidorah, for this film instead.
  • For the advance trailers, the footage of Ghidorah came from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964).
  • The roar of the Godzillasaurus is the roar of Gamera, the giant monster from a competing series of films.
  • His role as the Prime Minister became the final role for So Yamamura.

Closing Statements

Of the Heisei Series this is one of the better movies it is well-rounded and the script is different it is suited more to the sci-fi genre as a future going to look past type movie and giving Godzilla a new twist. King Ghidorah of the 90s this suit is very good in the way that I believe this is the very same suit they used in Mothra 3 or Mothra versus King Ghidorah; however, I think they just modified the heads to more detail and dragon like look. The King Ghidorah in Mothra versus King Ghidorah is by far the best design of all of them the one that comes in a very very close 2nd is the original. My least favorite design would be the GMK version that one just didn’t do it for me. As I’ve mentioned before about Godzilla is very menacing and powerful in this movie. Is virtually unstoppable. I like this movie a lot it is definitely well-rounded when it comes to the storyline and the characters as well as the monsters it’s not the worst one of the series however I do not believe it’s the best one that one is coming up real soon.

Written by Barney Buckley


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