Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 1974 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information 

  • Director: Jun Fukuda
  • Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Japanese Release Date: March 21, 1974 by Toho Eizo Company Running Time 84 Minutes
  • US Release Date: March 1977 by Cinema Shares International/Downtown Distribution Running Time 80 Minutes
  • Taglines: “Damn Godzilla. You’re mistaken if you think your powers are a match for Mechagodzilla.” “Put the monster to the metal”


An ancient doomsday prophecy, inscribed on the wall of the Okinawan cave, comes Truman Godzilla (acting uncharacteristically vicious) emerges from an exploding meteorite and trampled the island countryside; soon, however the monster (literally) sheds its skin and reveals its true identity. Mechagodzilla, a cyborg built by Earth-conquering aliens from a black hole in space. The Okinawans summon their dog-like monster God, King Seesar, from hibernation to me the real Godzilla and battling his titanium twin.

What I like about This Movie

1st of all I like the fact that there is a mechanical version of Godzilla and to me this Mechagodzilla is by far in my humble opinion the badness of all the Mechagodzilla’s. Another thing I like about this movie is King Seesar he resembles a lion and at the same time he has a doglike face as is mentioned in the synopsis. He reminds me of and Angilas however he does have eye beams as weapons, but pretty much he defends himself and he has the same kindness fighting spirit as that of Angilas. I do like the fight scenes between Mechagodzilla, King Seesar, and Godzilla. I do like the fact that when Godzilla got a hold of Mechagodzilla it rip his head off after a while however in the 2nd one he was ready for it in expect to see what he saw. Another thing I like about the movie was the royal family and the fact that the will call her the royal girl she was singing along the beach and awakening King Seesar I do like that part. What I did not like about the movie nothing really comes to mind I generally like the movie.


  • This was the 1st Godzilla film, in its original Japanese version, to finally give onscreen credit to the suit actors to the monsters that they played.
  • This film was also the last appearance of the monster Angilas and King Seesar until Godzilla Final Wars in 2004.
  • This particular movie was produced as Godzilla’s 20th anniversary film (which also stated in the original Japanese theatrical trailers)
  • This was the last Godzilla film scored by composer Masaru Satô.
  • The Guardian monster King Seesar is based on the actual Shisa lion-dog regarding statues of Okinawa. Originally from China, they are statues that ward off evil spirits. Another Japanese name for them it is”komainu” (lion-dog).
  • This is the last Godzilla film directed by Jun Fukuda.
  • This was Hiroshi Koizumi’s final appearance in the classic Godzilla film series (the Showa Series). He would return in Godzilla 1985: The Legend Is Reborn (1984), the first film in the VS Series (AKA: Heisei Series).
  • This is the only Japanese Godzilla movie that’s all a release in Hungary.
  • Now here’s something crazy in the German release of the movie, Mechagodzilla is called King Kong is that something or what?


  • When Keisuke drives to the cave to search for Masahiko, Professor Miyajima and Eiko, he drives there in a fast back coupe. However, when the car explodes it inexplicably changes into a four-door sedan.
  • When Mechagodzilla is fighting Anguirus, the strings to pick Anguirus can be seen clearly.
  • During Godzilla’s confrontation with Mechagodzilla at the oil refinery, several flashes of light cause the two monsters to cast shadows against the sky, revealing the sky to be a matte painting.
  • When the boulder containing Mechagodzilla (disguised as Godzilla) flies out of the exploding pit, the wires used to fly the boulder are clearly visible.
  • Visible wire on Godzilla’s neck right before the pyrotechnics go off and he starts bleeding.
  • During Godzilla’s confrontation with Mechagodzilla at the oil refinery, several flashes of light cause the two monsters to cast shadows against the sky, revealing the sky to be a matte painting. See more »
  • When Universal Studios, responsible for both the Six Million Dollar Man (1974) and the Bionic Woman (1976) threatened to sue Cinema Shares Releasing over the title (Godzilla vs. the Bionic Monster), the movie was quickly retitled Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster.

Closing Statement

This is a very good movie to me and it has a lot of good elements about it like the fight scenes, the monsters, the actual storyline was interesting because it is part of Japanese culture that’s what made this movie pretty decent to me. All in all I have to say this is one of the better movies in the Showa series however it is being by the next movie of the same monster Mechagodzilla it is called the terror of Mechagodzilla everything about this movie is really spot on especially the action scenes.

Written by Barney Buckley


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