Godzilla vs Megalon 1973 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information 

  • Director: Jun Fukuda
  • Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Japanese Release Date: March 17, 1973 by the Toho Motion Picture Company Running Time 81 Minutes.
  • US Release Date: July 21, 1976 by Cinema Shares International/Downtown Distribution. Running Time 78 Minutes.
  • Taglines: “Megalon! Megalon! Wake up, Megalon! Come on, rise up now, to the Earth’s surface! Destroy the earth! Rise up! Go on! Megalon!
  • Alternative Names: Godzilla versus Megalon


After they are aquatic nation’s nearly wiped out by a series of underwater nuclear test in the Pacific Ocean, the English people of Seatopia dispense their monster-protector, Megalon, to take revenge on the surface-dwellers; meanwhile, Seatopian field agents still Jet Jaguar (a colorful, removed-control, flying robot created by a young Japanese inventor) and used it to guide Megalon on this destructive course across Japan. The inventor regains control of the robot and sends it to retrieve Godzilla from Monster Island, and a 4-way tag-team match between the goodies Godzilla and jet Jaguar and the baddies Megalon and Gigan take place.

What I Think about This Movie

Let’s start with that retarded American Seatopian were seems to be upset about the nuclear testing so he sends Megalon to destroy Japan it was kind address like a fag in my eyes. The good thing was the introduction of Jet Jaguar and he was a really cool robot and he resembled a lot of Ultraman and he had the power to get bigger it was some internal instinct for that robot. Another thing I like about this movie and I’m sure a lot of people will not agree with this even though Godzilla is child friendly in the Showa era I happen to like this design of Godzilla it was neat clean looking and rounded. The whole fight scenes were okay they were very explosive and Megalon at times seem like a sissy monster even though he had no guidance went jet Jaguar went to go get Godzilla, but he did have some pretty cool weapons like some superheated bombs that shot out of his mouth and Megalon’s design I like the design. Gigan is a bad ass in all the movies that he plays except for Godzilla Final Wars he comes off as a little stupid and gets himself killed twice. The one thing that I found quite annoying about this movie is that fucking annoying boy.


  • The super-robot Jet Jaguar was the first known fan submission in a Godzilla film. Toho held a contest for children to come up with a drawing of a new character, and the winner was “Red Arone”, submitted by an elementary school student. Red Arone was a cross between Ultraman and the title robot of the popular anime series “Majingâ Zetto” (1972), which was extremely popular at the time. The retooled and realized Red Arone was renamed “Jet Jaguar” by Toho’s staff (The original “Red Arone” drawing can be seen on the wall next to the incomplete, headless Jet Jaguar in Gorô Ibuki’s laboratory early in the film).
  • This Godzilla film had the longest production schedule of all the films. The principal scenes directed by Jun Fukuda were shot in more than a couple of weeks, whereas the special effects/monster scenes by Teruyoshi Nakano were shot in six months (the average Godzilla film in both departments were shot in three to four months).

Closing Statements

I generally like this movie I think is because of the fact we have a bug was afraid of his own shadow being guided by a robot is name is Jet Jaguar. They lose track of the robot and the robot goes and gets Godzilla and Godzilla comes off of Monster Island to go to Japan and fight the monsters Gigan, King Ghidorah. This is more child friendly movie with some explosive fight scenes and a crazy dropkick by Godzilla. This is an okay movie with some unique qualities to it.

Written by Barney Buckley


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