Godzilla vs Megaguirus 2000 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information 

  • Director: Masaaki Tezuka
  • Producer: Shogo Tomiyama
  • Japanese Release Date: November 3, 2000. By the Toho Motion Picture Company. Running Time 105 minutes.
  • US Release Date: Release straight to DVD by Sony Pictures on January 7th, 2004. Running Time 88 minutes.
  • Taglines: Unknown
  • Alternative Titles: Godzilla versus Megaguirus, Godzilla X Megaguirus: G Extermination Strategy, Godzilla X Megaguirus: (GXM)


An experimental weapon that fires miniature black holes, called the Dimension Tide, opens a wormhole and through which a giant prehistoric dragonfly enters the present. It deposits a single egg and before exiting through the wormhole. A boy finds the egg and takes it with him when he moves to Tokyo. The egg starts oozing a strange liquid, so the boy throws the egg in the sewer. The egg, actually a mass of hundreds of eggs, splits up and starts growing. The eggs hatch into giant dragonfly nymphs called Meganurons that come out of the sewer to feed. They flood a portion of the city and mount on the sides of buildings, becoming adult Meganuera.

The swarm of Meganuera attack Godzilla, who is in battle with the G-Graspers, the anti-Godzilla section of the JSDF. Most Meganuera are killed, but a few drain some of Godzilla’s blood and return to the sewer. With the last of their strength, the Meganuera inject Godzilla’s blood into a huge, sleeping nymph. It molts and appears from the water as Megaguirus, the huge Meganuera queen.

After destroying part of the city with shock waves generated by her beating wings, Megaguirus heads to the waterfront and faces Godzilla. Being territorial, Megaguirus considers the city to be her hunting ground. She uses her speed to avoid Godzilla’s attacks, but Godzilla eventually uses her speed against her. As she flies toward Godzilla, he lunges forward with his dorsal spines in her path. She flies into the spines, and one of her arms is severed.

During the battle, a special ability of Megaguirus is revealed: Having grown on blood from Godzilla, she can generate a blast similar to his atomic ray. She fires a huge ball of radiation, knocking Godzilla down. He gets back up, and Megaguirus goes in for the kill. She speeds forward with the stinger on her long tail lowered, trying to stab Godzilla between the eyes. But Godzilla catches the stinger in his mouth! He bites down, crushing the stinger. Megaguirus rears up in pain, and Godzilla takes the chance to finally blast her with his atomic ray. She bursts into flame, and after being hit a second time falls to the ground and explodes, ending her savage life.

What I like about This Movie

I like a lot of things about this movie one being the Dimension Tide I would’ve loved to seen Godzilla being transported somewhere else on the planet because of a mistake the machine makes, but we all know that is not going to happen. Megaguirus very cool design and very colorful and he’s got a mouthful of keys. Godzilla not much different than Godzilla to thousands designed with the exception of the colors and I am to believe that his head was redesigned a little bit it looks a little wider than the one in Godzilla 2000. The attack of Godzilla against the Meganula was a pretty spectacular scene. I can mention anything that’s too negative about this movie except for that jump when Godzilla pounces on Megaguirus and that’s not the worst thing I did my not so much.


  • Although they do not look alike, the Meganuron (a.k.a Meganulon) in this movie is based on the Meganurons that attack the villagers in the Toho monster movie classic, Sora no daikaijû Radon, Rodan (1956)
  • The infamous “Giant Leap” Godzilla performs against Megaguirus during the final battle is a tribute to Godzilla suit actor Tsutomu Kitagawa’s stuntwork in Toei’s Super Sentai Series (featured as “Dynaman” (1988) and “Power Rangers” in the US).
  • The final movie in which Godzilla is actually green.
  • A second ending begins at the end of the closing credits: At school, the little boy Jun had finished his bug collection, and his teacher tells him to put it back in his lab. Once he does just that, an earthquake shakes the school, and looking through the window in the school lab, Jun hears a familiar monster roar.

Closing Statements

This is a movie that takes a different twist on the original 1956 released of Rodan it includes wormlike creatures in the movie that you see maybe Rodan eating. They are somehow connected. The whole entire black hole theory takes an interesting turn in this movie you have these creatures flying in and out and eventually the entire city is overrun by the space and he somehow create one mighty monster called Megaguirus a little something about Megaguirus I think is a rather cool design is definitely a step up from the Battra that we see in Godzilla versus Mothra. He gives Godzilla run for his money as always Godzilla seems to get the better of things and eventually destroys Megaguirus. This is a movie that would be a great asset to any Godzilla fan’s collection.

Written by Barney Buckley.


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