Godzilla vs Space Godzilla 1994 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Movie Information 

  • Director: Kensho Yamashita
  • Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Japanese Release Date: December 10, 1994, by the Toho Motion Picture Company. Running Time 111 minutes.
  • US Release Date: January 1999, released directly to home video by Columbia TriStar Home Video. Running Time 111 minutes.
  • Taglines: “Life Would Be Sad without Love.” “Hakai Shin Korin [Destruction Deity Descent]”
  • Alternate Titles: Godzilla versus Space Godzilla


Godzilla cells carried into space (either by Biollante or Mothra, although no one knows for sure) are sucked into a black hole and mutated, creating a malevolent, Crystal-Laden monster that hurtles towards the planet earth. G-Force dispatches its new anti—Godzilla robots, Moguera, to intercept Space Godzilla, but the monster easily defeats the machine; after terrorizing Little Godzilla and disrupting the peace on Birth Island, Space Godzilla builds a cosmic crystal fortress in downtown Fukuoka, it is up to Godzilla and the Moguera crew to deplete their foes New Age power and save the world.

What I Think about This Movie

Space Godzilla is one of is better designs you know he is bigger than Godzilla himself. Space Godzilla is very colorful and has these huge crystals on his shoulders and the power that he possesses is far greater than that of Godzilla and if it wasn’t for Moguera and his crew space Godzilla would not have been stopped. Moguera design has been updated and is an improvement somewhat to the original however I do like the original design as well they did a really good job on that one that design is very retro. Moguera separating that was different but expected. Little Godzilla that design is very colorful as well and keep in his own way. He is typical of that baby Godzilla in the way that he acts. The downside to this movie is some of the acting the Japanese actors in this movie she is kind of overdoing it. An example of this would be the Japanese news reporter she is a little over the top (LOL). Some of them matting were Godzilla walks by and in the background it is obvious. The fight scenes are top-notch and ever since Godzilla was introduced to Rodan’s radiation you tend to see a lot of this and I think this is the beginning of Godzilla’s nuclear meltdown. This is where I think his fusion reactor would start to break down.


  • Godzilla and Space Godzilla never make physical contact during their fight at Birth Island.
  • If the fight in Fukuoka, Godzilla and Moguera do make physical contact when Moguera uses the drill on its head to drill into Space Godzilla’s collar before Godzilla arrives on the scene. Godzilla makes contact a few times, one of the times is when he bites Space Godzilla’s neck and steels some of the power Space Godzilla was drawing from the crystals.
  • Originally, Mechagodzilla was supposed to team up with Godzilla against Space Godzilla, but Mechagodzilla was thought to be too powerful and was changed to Moguera, a remake of Moguera from Mysterians.
  • Two different reasons or how Space Godzilla came to be. First when Mothra went into outer space to stop a meteor from reaching Earth, she accidentally took with her cells from Godzilla cells and the other is Biollante carried Godzilla cells, that inhabited our atmosphere into space. Thus sending the cells through a black hole and then sent back out through a white hole creating a new creature, Space Godzilla. Space Godzilla heads to Earth to confront Godzilla, and to trap little Godzilla in the crystal barriers, and the new G-Force robot, MOGERA was sent in also to battle this monster
  • In the fight on Birth Island, Space Godzilla traps Little Godzilla in a crystal prism. A shot of Godzilla trying unsuccessfully to free his son from the crystal cage, which would have better explained why Godzilla heads for Japan to confront Space Godzilla, was omitted.

Revealing Mistakes

  • While Space Godzilla is telepathically levitating Little Godzilla, strings holding Little Godzilla can be seen.

Closing Statements

The UNGCC as developing brand-new weapon that is called (Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-Type) is a weapon that was sent out to stop the monster Space Godzilla but it fails miserably however in the end of the movie it helps Godzilla to defeat Space Godzilla. This movie is like most of the Heisei Series that bad like of the special effects but if you’re an expert in nitpicking a movie there are some flaws in this one like any other Godzilla movie or any movie for that fact. I would suggest you run out and get this one as well because the Godzilla suit and everything else in this is bad ass. It is a very colorful movie.

Written by Barney Buckley


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