Godzillas Revenge/All Monsters Attack 1969

Written by Barney Buckley

E-Mail Address- bbuckley@triad.rr.com


It would be a movie that was released by the Toho Company in 1969 and was directed by Ishiro Honda. The movie was produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka and yes special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya and the music score was also created for this movie by Akira Ifukube. Yes we have the original 4 fathers of Godzilla creating a movie that most people seem to think is the worst one of the bunch. Between the four of they have not worked together since the 1965 version of invasion of Astro monster. This particular movie as many different Kaijus – a lot from time to time and the obvious ones are Godzilla, Gabara, Minya, Kamacuras, Gorosaurus in stock footage, Anguirus in stock footage, Kumonga in stock footage, Oonukundru in stock footage, Manda in stock footage, and Ebirah in stock footage. These are some of the monsters you see in this film and some of them are in a dream sequence that this little boy Ichiro seems to have a lot of. The boy’s name is Tomonori Yazaki who is a very lonely boy and has a wild imagination and has parents that were extremely late in order to make ends meet in modern Japan. Which at this time is in the 1970s sort of speak. Ichiro has a companion who is eccentric and is a friendly toymaker. His name is Shinpai Minami (Eisei Amamoto) who just a few years back played in the movie King Kong escapes 1967 he played the evil incarnation we call Dr. Who.

We start out with Ichiro he does invent imaginary daydreaming games which involve going to monster Island in a dream sequence. He meets up with Godzilla son Minya and Minya and Ichiro formed a bond of friendship. They have many things in common as they are both being bullied by bullies. Ichiro is being bullied by a big kid and Minya is being bullied by the ogre Kaiju Gabara. While in his dream sequence is imaginary world is now suddenly invaded by two nasty bank robbers and their names are (Sachio Sakai and Kazuo Suzuki) and these two bank robbers do consider Ichiro a threat when Ichiro accidentally finds out that one of the bank robbers driver’s license was left behind in an abandoned warehouse. So the thoughts take it upon themselves to kidnap Ichiro however Ichiro has some defensive skills that were taught by him through Godzilla and Minya in the dream world. Ichiro manages to escape and he becomes a hero as he eventually learns to stand up for himself.

This particular movie is very unique to all the other Showa Series movies is one that has many dream sequences that fade in and out of the real world for a young child named Ichiro. It seems that whenever life gets tough for Ichiro he slips into this fantasy world and learns from what happens in the fantasy world. We do have some familiar faces in this movie one is Kenji Sahara restarts as Ichiro’s train engineer father even though he played a very small part in this movie. The two bumbling robbers they and their characters come off as over acting very comic and style. The next after Eisei Amamoto is perhaps a very familiar face as he was Dr. Who from the movie King Kong Escapes that was made in 1967.

Godzillas Revenge was always criticized as being very cheap and sloppily made. You’ll notice the evidence in the monster Island sequences which are mostly mismatched stock footage from the movie Godzilla versus the sea monster that came out in 1966 and the son of Godzilla that came out in 1967. Let’s talk about the costumes Godzillas costume were two different costumes because of stock footage there were two different versions of Godzilla used. Anguirus because it was stock footage it came from the movie “Destroy All Monsters” and yes we also have your source which came from the movie King Kong escapes that came out in 1967. There was a major reason as to why there was so much stock footage in this film it was for cost cutting reasons. In fact e.g. to Tsuburaya was seriously overworked because of these feature films as well as his Ultraman series and Ultra Q series he was a very busy man. Keep in mind each Eiji Tsuburaya was seriously ill and had a heart condition and he simply could not juggle all the responsibilities of all that was happening.

It was also said that Ishiro Honda supposedly directed the few new special effects scenes that were created for the movie Godzillas Revenge with Godzilla, Minya, and Gabara. Mr. each Eiji Tsuburaya died on January 1970 just a mere three weeks after the Japanese release of Godzillas revenge which came out on December 1969. It would be the company Classic Medias who would release the DVD and would have perhaps the best version of this movie when it came out in the United States. The Simitar DVD version that came out in 1998 was also released in a letterboxed version. However it was not anamorphic for 16 x 9 televisions sets. And it’s offered from severe pixilation.

Moving on you honestly have to say that no true Godzilla collection would be complete without Godzillas Revenge and the Classic Media presentation is definitely the way to go stay away from the Simitar version of the movie. Now I just gave me some pretty good information based on the movie I am going to let you know how I feel about the movie in my personal opinion I because I am a fan of Godzilla tend to overlook the cheesiness of Godzilla films and learn to appreciate them for what they are. The whole stock footage staying I do understand because door in the 1960s and 70s movie business in Japan was far you and him between, to save money and you see this all the way through the Showa Series of Godzilla movies. With that said I do like the fight scenes and the message that this movie presents it’s all about fighting their battles and pushing back and not being afraid. I do like the fight scenes with Gabara and Minya as well as the fight scenes with Godzilla and Gabara. This movie presents some good points as I do like Gabara is a very cool looking Kaiju with electric hands. This is a pretty impressive weapon that!


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