King Kong vs Godzilla 1962 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information 

  • Title: “King Kong vs Godzilla”
  • Starring: Tadao Takashima (Sakurai), Mie Hama (Fumiko), Kenji Sahara (Fujita), Yu Fujiki (Kinsaburo), Ichiro Arishima (Mr.Tako)
  • Directed by: Ishiro Honda
  • Produced by: Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Genre: Two all-time classic monsters in a clash of the Titans.
  • Japanese Release Date: August 11, 1962, Japanese Running Time: 98 Minutes
  • U.S. Release: June 3, 1963, by Universal Studios, Running Time: 91 Minutes


Kaiju-Japanese-Movie-Posters-04-King-Kong-vs-Godzilla-1962 The “Sea Hawk” is being sent out on a mission to the Bering Sea where abnormally high temperatures are occurring. The sub is in trouble and is damaged. When a helicopter is sent out to rescue them well they get a big surprise that breaks out of an iceberg near the damage submarine. It’s Godzilla. The monster heads south. Meanwhile Pacific Pharmaceuticals has an expedition sent to an island known to the natives as Faro Island to gather some medicinal berries. When on the island the discover there is a bigger prize to claim. King Kong roams that island is knock out with the berry juice after fighting with Oodako the octopus. Kong is brought back to Tokyo to fight Godzilla who now is wreaking havoc on Tokyo. These two mighty monsters in all out Clash of Titans.        


There isn’t any gore in this movie.

Good Points

The most noticeable attribute is the fact Godzilla is definitely the more powerful of the two. The Godzilla costume at first I thought it was odd looking, but the more I watch this movie and the fact I have a 6 inch version of the toy from Bandai I have to say I am liking it more and more. The last thing I want to mention is the final fight where King Kong is getting a charge from lighting making him a heck of alot stronger than he was and now he can compete with Godzilla. He does give Godzilla a hard way to go in the end. Now some say that at the end Kong was the victor as he swam off to Faro Island and Godzilla is nowhere to be seen. My thoughts on this. I am sure alot of you will agree. Godzilla was caught under the landslide that formed when they went into the ocean. If you remember the next movie he came out of the ground these movies have a certain connection between them.   

Bad Points

Now for the bad points are as followed King Kong’s suit is kind of a lame effort on the special effects department, or suit makers who made the suit. I guess they did not want there Kong to look to much like ours. Another thing I did not like about this movie is the fight with Oodako, which was obvious bad back drop screening on their part. As the natives throw there torches and spears it bounces off the screen, visual effects problem in that day.

Overall Rating

This is a gigantic movie of popularity and hype I like this movie because it was between Godzilla and King Kong it was a movie that when I was a little boy. I wanted to see so bad and finally got to see a few years later on TV, at that time it was a truly awesome experience for me. Now that there are over 27 movies out there also including movies like Gamera, Mothra, the King Kong here in the states or the movie “King Kong Escapes” which I thought was pretty damn cool too. A mechanical King Kong. I like the footsteps when they ran, but anyway if you have not seen this movie and you are either a King Kong fan or a Godzilla this is a must see.


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