Legendary’s Godzilla (It is really that good!!!)

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information 

  • Cast-Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, and Elizabeth Olson
  • Director-Gareth Edwards
  • Screenwriter-Max Bornstein


A nuclear submarine dove to very deep levels and because of the nuclear energy within this of it awaken something. This submarine is called the Nautilus. Meanwhile in Janjira Japan there was a nuclear power plant and something went wrong 15 years later it was said that this area was uninhabitable when in fact the military took over and suddenly a monster broke out and this new alpha male monster which was floating around in the Pacific Ocean was the monster to stop these other monsters and a monster melee ensues. Eventually destroying things in their path until the monsters are dead and this alpha male monster is called Godzilla initially goes back into the ocean to fight another day.

Movie Review

Gareth Edwards the first time director to the movie Monsters which was a low-budget film with legendary pictures handing the new Godzilla film to Gareth Edwards to direct and he has been making this movie for better part of two years and now it is finally on the big screen in 3-D as well as 2-D versions. This review the way I am going to write it is I will concentrate on certain aspects of the movie and then move on to different aspects of the movie.

The beginning of the film:

The film starts when the Americans discover that there were dinosaurs in the past that consumed high levels of radiation that were very high back in that day and these dinosaurs would be mutated and eventually go into deeper levels of the ocean closer where the radiation might be. They built eight nuclear submarine back in 1954 to do some deep sea diving and because this submarine called the Nautilus eventually would awaken something. What they have awakened was a gigantic prehistoric dinosaur that was mutated to a monster of gigantic proportions they named it Godzilla. In the original 1954 Godzilla movie called Gojira there is a new twist to this movie’s origin and that is in the original movie Godzilla was born of nuclear testing due to the radiation levels from the nuclear bomb and in this new movie because of the radiation levels of the planet back in prehistoric times he was already created however this time they choose to try to get rid of him by using nuclear bombs however we all know that does not work. My opinion on this new twist is I am definitely okay with this it gave it a fresh start for this new Godzilla movie we now have a brand-new timeline that we can spawn new Godzilla movies from.

The characters of the movie

Let’s talk about the characters of the movie. Bryan Cranston’s character is a nuclear scientist who back in 1999 work at the Janjira powerplant and something went wrong and he would eventually lose his wife in this accident. He is consumed by her loss for the next 15 years. He would eventually die due to an accident that he would later return to the powerplant only to find it’s not uninhabitable. He discovers that the science is there our holding a monster resume soon all the radiation from the power plant accident so it is cheap and the people safe if they destroy the monster there is no telling if it would release the radiation from the nuclear reactor.

Bryan Cranston’s character in this movie is a very sensitive and is perhaps the best character there however his character is role is very short-lived because he does die when the Muto breaks free he dies from injuries from a fall when the Muto broke free. To me he is the best of the best and I had mentioned before is a shame that in carry out our users characterless different. Bryan Cranston’s wife Juliet Binoche her role was a very small part if not the smallest part in the movie because she is not in the movie more than maybe 20 min. She dies in the nuclear power plant on the shut the doors after radiation leak she dies from the radiation. Her character was important because of Bryan Cranston but like I said before it was a very small part so I don’t have anything bad to say about that.

godzilla2014-trailer-screenshot-039 Now we will talk about Bryan Cranston son his name is Ford Brody and he is a young kid who grows up within 15 years of losing his mother he had this attitude that he has moved on when in fact he hasn’t he is consumed with anger because he cannot understand why his father cannot move on and Brody’s character even after the death of his father goes on to be utilized in this movie as a kid who is now in the military is part of the group called Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) whose job it is to take a nuclear warhead and put on a share and/or Godzilla and the Muto to the ship and set it off. Now his character could definitely have been eliminated. His character wasn’t really needed in the film it was more of a burden than anything else.

A lot of people didn’t agree with the acting they thought it was very weak and bland and didn’t really connect with Godzilla or the audience for that fact I was one of those people who thought the acting wasn’t all that bad even though some parts were irrelevant. There was a scene in the movie were Brody just destroyed the female Muto’s eggs and he is approached by Godzilla and they look at each other and my wife thought this was the best part of the movie to her. Next and last character were to talk about his Brody’s wife I thought she played a perfect part as a wife for this particular kind of movie and she wasn’t seeing much in the movie. My problem is I don’t have a problem with Elizabeth Olson because I think she is fine as all can be, I believe it that.

The last character were not talk about is Dr. Ichiro Serizawa which I have to believe he could be related to Dr. Daisuke Serazawa was the original Dr. who killed the original Godzilla in 1954 original film. This character is played by Ken Watanabe as he made his character fit perfectly in the film. His entire script is full of metaphors and I found that to be interesting. “Let Them Fight” one of the best characters besides Bryan Cranston’s character these two were the top characters in the film.

The Story

Let’s talk about the story. The story pretty much goes like this they deep-sea dive in a submarine called the Nautilus and awaken something and that something is a giant monster called Godzilla. The military would follow him after he surfaced from his slumber. At the power plant a male Muto escapes it searches for its female partner was literally twice the size of him and she is huge. They would eventually meet and Godzilla pursues and is attacked by the male Muto and then eventually the female Muto would fight Godzilla as well. Both of the monsters would eventually die from Godzilla was so exhausted that he collapses and wakes up the next day walks into the sea the end of the movie. I didn’t have a problem with the storyline I thought the storyline was very good and interesting there was a scene where the scientists go to I believe it’s the Philippines and they discovered a huge carcass of bones which is believed to be another Godzilla however were not really totally sure but it is extremely huge. And there were pods within that cave where the sciences eventually take one of the pods to the power plant in Japan and then the other one in Nevada which I am believing it is area 51 is where they stored it.

The whole entire story seemed a little drag out at times and the unfortunate thing is we don’t get to see Godzilla until maybe an hour into the bill and the entire film is exactly 2 hours and 3 min. long making this film a little boring at times, but if you’re Godzilla fan you don’t notice. I didn’t notice because I like Godzilla and to me the most important part about our Godzilla filled with the exception of Godzilla is the storyline it should be full of factual trivia as well as a great origin. And we definitely got that I found this new word into the interesting, but anyway a lot of military fighting some great scenes in the movie as well is when you do eventually see Godzilla is worth the wait.

The Monsters

Now we’re going to talk about the monsters in this film. I want to first talk about Muto which means Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms. These are alien like creatures that have been around the prehistoric time around the same time as Godzilla so they are natural enemies. The very first Muto was discovered at the powerplant in Japan. It was first discovered when he destroyed the power plant and wrapped itself around the nuclear reactor and has been stated also that for 15 years. It would eventually break free and would search for its partner which was located I believe in area 51 in the Nevada desert.

The female would break out and they would meet in Las Vegas and eventually they would fight Godzilla. My thing with Muto is for the two years that they were making this movie you hardly heard or seen anything of these creatures very little is told about that not like character Godzilla because Godzilla is the main character in the film. Muto is a very different creature far different than anything Godzilla has ever fall in the past so I could not really connect with these creatures until I finally saw the movie. When I saw them in the movie I finally came to realize that they were pretty cool looking monsters that follow quite well in the film. Great start to a new franchise American version of Godzilla kaijus.

The next monster were to talk about is Godzilla okay let’s talk about Godzilla. When I first saw images of this Godzilla on the Internet I was not happy at all and when I saw this was not Godzilla and it did not look like Godzilla it did resemble him in a way. My problem with this Godzilla is I am used to a man in a suit type Godzillas and this was not like any Godzilla I have ever seen. It took some time to get used to the look I did eventually accept it for what it is however my main problem with this Godzilla suit were CGI Godzilla is his feet, they resemble turtle feet and even in the movie it did not look right. But you know there’s always somebody out there is going to complain about your complaining about the new Godzilla suit because you’re not supposed to complain about his new Godzilla because he’s supposed to be perfect when in fact he is not used far from it.

One I eventually saw him on the screen I said this Godzilla looks pretty cool and his movements are animal like and very realistic looking. I was pleased at what Gareth Edwards it did with his Godzilla once I seen it on the screen. It is said that he spent more than a year on designing this new Godzilla I can see how it would take so long because some of the scenes are pretty spectacular when you did see him, but then again I would have done a very different job on Godzilla in my personal opinion. But that’s just me and I know everyone else out there also would’ve done something different with this new Godzilla. Anyway this Godzilla looks very very good on-screen some of the scenes he looked spectacular and there were some fans who did not like certain parts of Godzilla when he moved, but that is for them to decide.

Some of the elements about Godzilla I did not care about like the fact that he got tired and collapsed if you were a real monster I think I would’ve left that part out and made him indestructible, but they took the realistic approach and he eventually got tired and collapsed due to lack of energy. Let’s talk about his atomic array. First a lot of people assumed were questioned is it going to be used in this film and for obvious reasons it would be because the movie Godzilla 1998 he did not have that. There are a lot of issues with the 1998 version that a lot of hard-core Japanese Godzilla fans did not like and totally hated the movie to the point where I got tired of seeing all the pointless rants and redundancies in the Facebook pages on Godzilla. But that’s another story about until later. His atomic array we did in fact see it the way they did it was truly spectacular it started from the tip of his tail and his whole tail lift up his success in all the way up his dorsal plates till he finally blasted a realistic acetylene torch like the fact on his atomic array.

This was very realistic looking however not very effective as compared to the actual atomic array used in the past. The atomic array used in the past when used within the monster and explode this ray is more realistic so it literally brought the flash without much damage because the Muto coming back. It did however when he used it on the female when he blasted his atomic array down her throat that was a truly awesome scene he blasting until her head fell off. Last part of this is Godzilla was so exhausted that he collapsed this is worth realistic and no other Godzilla film do you see this so this is where the realistic approach happens it can be a good thing and then it can be a bad thing to me this makes Godzilla seem weak in the way. But enough about that let’s move on.

The Military

The military in this seemed a little apprehensive with Godzilla and Muto but eventually they do, around and work with Godzilla to get rid of the Muto. There were some scenes that were pretty cool like the military ships following Godzilla through the ocean that was a cool scene. The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge seen was truly spectacular, and there were other scenes that show the militaries might however like most hard-core Godzilla fans the military would fire on Godzilla with no damage to him whatsoever or very little this is what they wanted to see because that’s what Godzilla is unstoppable. I don’t really have anything bad to say about the military they did their party did well and we will just leave it at that.

The Future of Godzilla Here in America

Okay it has been confirmed that there will be a second Godzilla film and the release date is unknown. The reason for this is this new movie has reached box office sales of $93 million domestically and that is pretty impressive however with today’s prices not surprising. This second movie if it is Gareth Edwards who directs his movie he has said he wanted to do a Destroy All Monsters movie with scenes similar to that of Godzilla on Monster Island. If they go this route and if they use more monsters this means war CGI and that means higher budget because this movie here point Godzilla back on the map and hopefully would give them the what they need to create this movie which I guarantee will be more expensive to produce. The reason is CGI is much more expensive than suitmation and this is why a lot of people and I have read assume that the Toho Company will convert to CGI and I can guarantee that I will not happen because of the costs.

They preferred not to spend that kind of money on a Godzilla film when in fact in Japan Godzilla is not that popular anymore. They will however if they continue making Godzilla films continue with the suitmation and CGI combination effects this is how they will do it regardless of what people say. Japan does not like America. A lot of people over here seem to think even though in today’s standards the CGI is really really good it is expensive and yes people are stupid enough to go to a theater and spent $13 on a movie at an average cost of $40 to purchase food at the concession stands they are a bunch of dummies, but that’s how we are here in our country. Anyway let’s get back to the future of Godzilla I am hoping that once this new Godzilla movie comes out that he start to repercussion of a bunch of other Godzilla movies or kaiju related movies. I could go on about this but let’s just hope that we get a whole lot more Godzilla here in America.

My Closing Statements

All in all I have discussed the beginning scenes of the movie as well as discussed the characters, the monsters, the story, and the future of Godzilla. I have to say I don’t too many bad things to say about the movie as I’ve mentioned in this review the movie was very very good. It did lack some quality as compared to the original doesn’t totally connected so to the original but it does make reference. Another keynote there are a lot of Easter eggs within this movie that I did not mention and I figure you guys can find that out for yourselves. The whole talk about the new movie coming out because it has been confirmed is that some say the monster Mothra in the next movie will lead Muto into battle and to me that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

There is also an Easter egg that shows a dragon like had I believe is towards the end the movie I didn’t see it but I was told it was there that could be a possible connection to either King Ghidorah and Manda. Anyway let’s say this the movie is definitely worth seeing and purchasing if you are sure Godzilla fan you will buy regardless which I will because I didn’t like the movie and has a very strong points about it however I do have to say that within the two years of this movie being created I was on Facebook and I have to say there’s been a lot of overhyped about Godzilla and I said to myself I hope these people are disappointed to find out that this movie is not as good as they say it is. They made it out to be Oscar worthy which is not, but it is a very good movie but honestly I do not think Godzilla will ever be Oscar worthy.

For the two years that I have on Facebook I was one of those people that was not overly enthusiastic about the movie I was very calm and reserved about it but there were a lot of people out there that were overly excited and when they did initially see the movie I was somehow annoyed by their comments because they make this movie out to be better than it really is and I still think it’s because it’s probably her first time at Godzilla in America without the constant criticism of Godzilla 1998 which to me that gets on my nerves because honestly there’s no real reason to hate Godzilla 1998 and the only reason that they do.

It is because it did not have certain elements that the Japanese Godzilla has Roland Emmerich simply took those elements out and made this Godzilla a real animal and not a monster. I think these people get confused as they try to compare your this Godzilla to the other Godzilla was and you can’t do that because Godzilla 1998 he is a he overgrown animal there is no monster element in this Godzilla whatsoever. Anyway if you haven’t seen the movie go see it is worth it is not an Oscar worthy movie like me some people have made an estimate. Gareth Edwards did a really really good job on this movie and hopefully we will see Gareth Edwards directly next movie, but we’ll have to wait and see and we will see what happens with the future of Godzilla.


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