Son of Godzilla 1967 movie review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information

  • e: The Son of Godzilla 1967
  • Director: Jun Fukuda
  • Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Japanese Release Date: It was released on December 16, 1967 by the Toho motion picture company running time 86 minutes
  • US Release Date: distributed to television stations in 1969 by the Walter Reade Organization no US theatrical release running time 84 minutes
  • Tagline: “This shirt is not yours, it’s a gross shirt. Unless maybe your girl.”


A secret weather control experiment conducted by the United Nations scientists on Sol-Gel Island located in the South Pacific. What happens is something goes awry, unleashing radioactive rainstorms and intense heat that causes a species of mantises to grow into gigantic insects, called at Kamakiras (Gimantis this is what they were called in the US version) a baby Godzilla hatches from a huge a, and Godzilla defends the little one from the mantises and the giant spider they call Kumonga. In the US release of the movie Kumonga is called Spiega. Kumonga is a gigantic poisonous monster spider; as the monster threatens to wipe them out, the scientists (aided by a beautiful orphaned Japanese girl living in a jungle) successfully freeze of the tropical island and escapes the evening Godzilla and his son to hibernate on a snowy beach.

What Do I Think about the Movie

it is a scientific and fictional thriller that I think is widely futuristic while Godzilla engages and rather exciting combat to protect his infant son and at the same time the research team is doing their own experiments so all in all this movies get is good points and bad points so I’m going to say that the bad points are what Minya is he seems like a wrinkly rubber ball with legs and I had or something that has been soaking in some bad liquid. Another thing I did like about this movie is the way that Godzilla looks even though they tried to give him a parental look to me it didn’t fare well for Godzilla. That don’t get me wrong even though he looks different is definitely not like Godzilla 1998. The good points about it I like Kamakiras I think they are cool looking and yes Kumonga is one that spider I definitely like the whole spider web scene because the spider web that he shoots seems very real were realistic in Godzilla final wars however that is not the case.


  • A pool was set up on stage nine during the production (stage nine is one of the largest on Toho’s lot in Setagaya). They used the pool, which was about five feet deep, to film the shot of Godzilla rising above the surface of the ocean. Haruo Nakajima (the actor in Godzilla suit) was on a cart on a rail. He held onto the handle of the cart while it was towed by a truck. As the cart moved forward, he slowly rose out of the water. He wore a very tiny air cylinder that contained enough air for about ten minutes. The water that rushed by his face while the cart was being towed made it very difficult for him to prevent the mouthpiece from coming out of his mouth.
  • This was the second film of the Godzilla series to be sold directly to TV (the first one was Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (Gojira-Ebira-Mosura: Nankai no daiketto (1966)
  • Much of this film was done on Guam not only to take advantage of the island locale, but to save money by not having to build costly miniatures.
  • The Japanese version includes a prologue featuring Susumu Kurobe and Kazuo Suzuki viewing Godzilla from the air.
  • In the American version, Saeko’s name was changed to Reiko and the monsters Kumonga’s and Kamakiras’ names were changed to Spiga and Gimantis respectively.

Closing Statements

This movie is one of my favorites not because of the actual script of the Monsters in this movie. This is one of those parental type movies were somehow I monster like Godzilla now has parental rights. They thinking Godzilla and all kinds of directions and the least is being a monster of destruction he has gone from that to being playful and to be a parent he has even gone on to be somewhat of a bad ass street fighter like he was in Godzilla final wars. All in all this is a very good movie if you don’t mind the child factor it is cute its own way.

Written by Barney Buckley


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