Terror of Mechagodzilla 1975 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

E-Mail Address- bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Now we’re going to talk about Godzilla versus Mechagodzillas next installment is called the terror of Mechagodzilla which came out in 1975. This particular movie would be the end of the Showa Series Godzilla movies and it would not be until 1984 when the Heisei Series begins a new set of Godzilla movies. This particular movie starts out with a submarine that actually goes looking for the remains of the original Mechagodzilla that was destroyed in the last movie. It is then the submarine is suddenly attacked by a gigantic dinosaur they call Titanosaurus. Later the simians (New Aliens) make their return back to earth and have an alliance with the scientists Dr. Mafune they somehow managed to salvage every last piece of Mechagodzilla and repair him again as well as they now control Titanosaurus. Dr. Mafune’s daughter Katsura is accidentally killed and brought back to life by the simians, but they insert the actual controls to Mechagodzilla inside of her and now she’s classified as a cyborg.

Soon thereafter the simians release Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus on Tokyo where they eventually start destroying the city. Godzilla then suddenly appears and it is apparent that he is the only thing that will save the Earth. It is a little-known fact that the return of Mechagodzilla is definitely one of Godzilla’s greatest foes. Mechagodzilla is acting a little different in this film in that he must wait for Katsura and her commands. Also Mechagodzilla’s fingers are longer and have revolving missiles added to his arsenal. Another major change in Mechagodzilla is if he loses his head he also has a smaller head underneath that fires a very powerful beam of energy. Godzilla would eventually soon find this out. It is obvious that this Mechagodzilla can still function without his head in this film. Mechagodzilla cannot function once Katsura is dead.

It is obvious that Mechagodzilla is not by himself as he is being assisted by Titanosaurus. They continue to battle in Tokyo with Godzilla. Let’s talk about Titanosaurus he is bright red and yellow colors and has a very long neck and tail that becomes a large fan that can create gigantic windstorms. Also he can jump very far and is quite a formidable fighter. Keep in mind Titanosaurus is a dinosaur that is not evil he has been taken control of by Dr. Mafune in the Simians, and is forced to do evil. Titanosaurus is a really cool looking monster and also Titanosaurus is the main monster in the film and has more screen time than both Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. Unfortunately like most people they would like to see a lot more Godzilla as this is the case in most Godzilla films however he is not in his movie as much as he probably should be, he is overshadowed by Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla. This particular film is more of a Mechagodzilla found that it is a Godzilla film.

Let’s talk about the action in the film Mechagodzilla gets to do more awesome destruction scenes on Japan in the last movie. Godzilla fights with Mechagodzilla at the end of the film and I think this point is better overall because both monsters get to get into some action. There are better fight scenes in this movie than the last movie. In this movie there is no blood spilling all over the place like in the last movie. The acting in this movie was pretty good and the young man who was in love with Katsura really shows great emotion and the Simians also Dr. Mafune on good bad guys. As I’ve mentioned before the story starts off rather great as they search for Mechagodzilla said and that I can a source of actually shows up and then Godzillas shows up later and I particularly appreciate the music score in this movie. The music is definitely exceptional in this movie. Now they complain about the movie it really is hard simply because the movie was perfect to me. I guess it’s time to get nitpicky I think of the most part seem Mechagodzilla and then finally seeing him into action is probably worth the wait but I got a little impatient but once he got into action it was awesome to see.

On a final note I like to mention that if you had the Japanese version of this movie there are quite a few differences between that and the American cut all “The Terror of Mechagodzilla”. The first one I like to mention is the nude scene when they are putting in the cybernetic controls of Mechagodzilla into Katsura it shows a fake paragraphs. I believe this is the only nude part in the Godzilla film or any other film for that matter. During the 70s the sexual revolution was very open as for today that is a different story. Another thing about the American version that completely botches up the ending where Katsura must make a vital decision in regards to saving herself or the planet. I want to give too much away here if you haven’t seen it this movie is well worth the watch. It has some spectacular fight scenes. Overall this movie is pretty damn decent. It is definitely high on my list of one of the better Showa Series Godzilla movies!


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