Gamera vs Guiron 1969 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information 

  • Directed by Noriaki Yuasa
  • Produced by Hidemasa Nagata, Sandy Frank, Masaichi Nagata
  • Written by Nisan Takahashi
  • Starring Nobuhiro Kajima, Miyuki Akiyama, Chrystopher Murphy, Yuko Hamada, Eiji Funakoshi, Kon Omura
  • Music by Kenjiro Hirose, Shunsuke Kikuchi
  • Cinematography Akira Kitazaki
  • Editing by Eli Haviv
  • Studio   Daiei Film Distributed by AIP-TV
  • Release Dates March 21, 1969
  • Running Time 82 Min
  • Country Japan
  • Language Japanese
  • Alternate Titles Gamera vs. Giant Evil Beast Guiron, Attacking the Monsters, Gamera vs Guiron


A 50’s style narrator expounds upon the vastness of space and the hidden wonders and terrors that may lie therein. Newspapers around the world report a mysterious signal coming from space.  Dr. Shiga, a prominent Japanese astronomer, holds a press conference to report his findings. Dr. Shiga believes the signals are interstellar in origin, and as such, cannot be responded to in person. He brushes aside other reports of the signal originating from someplace within the solar system and categorically details why no known planets in the solar system can support life. Meanwhile, Akio and Tom are two young children very interested in alien life. Who are keeping up with the astronomers’ daily reports?

In addition, the boys scan the heavens nightly for any signs of alien spacecraft or new undiscovered worlds. The boys firmly believe in intelligent life somewhere else in the universe and hope other races can show humanity how to live in peace. The boys see an alien saucer in their telescope while watching the night sky. The saucer lands in some woods nearby. The boys set out with Akio’s sister to check out the saucer the next morning. Sure enough, the boys find the saucer exactly where they saw it last night. Akio’s sister resists going on to the saucer to check things out, but the boys have no such hesitations. While onboard. Tom accidentally activates the saucer’s remote control unit.

In no time, the saucer lifts off and the boys are hurtling through space towards some unknown destination. Some oncoming asteroids threaten to crush the saucer and the boys like so many grapes. However, Gamera bursts upon the scene and saves the children from certain death.  Summoned by the boy’s danger, Gamera then hangs out in space with the boys accompanying them on their journey. Gamera races the saucer as the boys cheer him on.

Suddenly, the saucer starts to speed away from Gamera. Gamera tries to catch the spaceship, but it slips away from Gamera and rockets towards its destination – Earth’s secret twin planet – Terra! The spaceship lands in a large alien city. The boys debark and start to look around, but are shocked when Space Gyaos arrives on the scene and begins attacking the city. Suddenly another monster, Guiron, emerges from a nearby riverbed and battles Space Gyaos. Guiron makes short work of Space Gyaos, slicing the monster to pieces with its hatchet head. Guiron then returns to its riverbed lair.

The boys seek refuge from monsters within the alien city.  After travelling around a bit, the boys encounter brain-eating space babes, Barbella and Flobera, the sole inhabitants of the alien city.

Barbella relates the story of their people: highly advanced sister race to the people of earth. Their computers messed up and started making monsters and an ice age. Their people tried to escape but their ship was destroyed. Now it is only Barbella and Flobera and soon they will die too, from the cold or the monsters. Offering to take the boys home with them, Barbella and Flobera play nice with Akio and Tom. The boys receive donuts and milk, but fall asleep because the food is drugged.

Seems the spaceship can only hold 2 people for the journey to earth, so Barbella and Flobera decide to use Akio and Tom’s brains for food and to absorb the knowledge of Earth people as well. Just as Flobera is to open up Akio’s head with a saw, Gamera arrives on Terra. The 2 space women leave to defend against Gamera.

Well, it seems as if Akio was a pig – eating all the donuts and most of the milk. This means that Tom is only slightly drugged up. Tom wakes up early to find all of Akio’s hair shaved off. Teleporting to the control room to see what is going on; Tom learns the space women’s true nature and watches as they unleash Guiron to battle Gamera. Tom rushes back to Akio and frees the boy from alien influence by slapping him around.

The two boys then flee Barbella and Flobera. Guiron battles Gamera, and loses, until unleashing shirukens from its hatchet head. These weapons severely wound Gamera, forcing the turtle into the seas of Terra to recuperate. With Gamera driven off, Guiron returns to its lair. With Guiron safe, the space women discover that the boys have escaped and race to recapture them. The boys and the space women play hide and seek, until they find the boys and recapture them. The boys are placed in a cage to await consumption, while the space women go off to repair their ship. Tommy uses his darts to try to hit the switch that will free them on the control panel.

Tommy manages to set Guiron free without any remote control. Guiron then proceeds to trash its surroundings and then threatens the space ship where Barbella and Flobera are working. The space women attempt to escape, but their ship is sliced in two by Guiron’s hatchet-head. Flobera is injured in the crash and then is on the receiving end of Barbella’s idea of first aid – a disintegrator pistol.

The boys get free of the cage, but are threatened by a rampaging Guiron. The boy’s cries revive Gamera, who rejoins the fight. Gamera and Guiron battle furiously, even as Barbella reaches an auxiliary control room. Here she hopes to fire missiles that will destroy both monsters. Barbella succeeds in firing the missiles but to no effect.

Guiron rewards her efforts by smashing into her hiding place and crushing her. Gamera catches one of the rockets and sticks it in Guiron’s hatchet head. Then Gamera breathes on the rocket, detonating it and destroying Guiron. With Guiron vanquished, Gamera repairs the spaceship and returns to Earth. There, amid reporters, scientists, and happy parents, the boys summarize what they learned about their search for peace and how Gamera really taught them about peace. Gamera flies off into the partly cloudy skies.

What I like about This Movie

Well it seems that this is like most Gamera movies they have a certain amount of cheesiness. Now don’t get me wrong on Gamera movies are not like this is just that in the Showa Series Gamera is to child friendly for me. The two boys in this movie they come close to getting their brains eaten out kind of like dessert for the alien women. What I did not like about this movie was the horrible acting, the two boys, and I guess that’s it.


The first Gamera film in which a creature (besides Gamera) makes a return appearance through new footage.

Closing Statements

This is a bad movie with horrible acting. The monsters are cool because you’re on is one of the coolest looking monsters of the Showa series of Gamera movies and yes you get to see Space Gyaos who seemingly gets cut in half by Guiron. Gamera has his hands full with this one, but he does what most of them anyway. There is a cheesy moment with Gamera where he swings on a pole and the somersaults which I thought was funny but Guiron shoots stars at Gamera causing him serious pain. This movie is okay if you get beyond the crappy acting.


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