Gamera vs Gyaos 1967 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information 

  • Japanese   Daikaijū Kuchu Kessan: Gamera tai Giyaosu
  • Directed by Noriaki Yuasa
  • Produced by Hidemasa Nagata
  • Written by Nisan Takahashi
  • Starring Kojiro Hongo, Kichijiro Ueda,  Naoyuki Abe
  • Music by Tadashi Yamauchi
  • Cinematography Akira Uehara
  • Editing by Tatsuji Nakashizu Studio Daiei Film
  • Distributed by Daiei Film (Japan) AIP-TV (USA)
  • Release dates March 15, 1967
  • Running time 87 minutes
  • Language Japanese
  • Alternative Titles Giant Monster Midair Battle: Gamera versus Gyaos, The Return of the Giant Monsters


An undersea volcano erupts in the South Pacific Ocean and also at Moyake Island. A Professor holds a news conference and tells the media about this new volcanic activity. Mt. Fuji erupts. Gamera appears, and then goes into Mt. Fuji to feed,   cheered on by a local child named Eichi. A UN research party goes off in search of Gamera’s fate inside the volcano. Meanwhile, Express Engineering Corp is building a highway in the area, but a small village stands in the way. Construction manager Tsutsumi is in charge. Tsutsumi is under pressure to finish the highway despite the volcanic eruptions and Gamera’s appearance.

UN Survey helicopter #JGC-21 gets sliced and diced by a ray beam from a mysterious cave near Mt. Fuji. Gamera is not blamed. Meanwhile, the villagers greatly hassle Tsutsumi. Eichi is found to be the grandson of the village elder and his sister is a babe! The villagers trash the worker’s camp. Eichi soon finds a reporter snooping around Mt. Futaba. The reporter convinces Eichi to lead him up Mt. Futaba to check out some mysterious lights sighted there. The pair soon finds and explores a large cave. Unfortunately, the cave is occupied  . . .  by a giant winged monster, Gyaos. The reporter abandons Eichi and tries to escape, but is killed by Gyaos. Tsutsumi & crew see the lights also and approach Mt. Futaba thinking it is gold. Meantime, Eichi finds Gyaos. Gyaos finds Eichi. Gamera finds Gyaos.

Battle ensues with Gyaos holding Eichi. Gyaos hurts Gamera with ray beams. Gamera flames Gyaos. Gyaos disdains being singed. Gamera rescues Eichi and flees. Gamera returns Eichi to the village and lets the people rescue Eichi off its back. Interesting, that Gamera would let people near so long. Eichi then holds a TV conference and tells viewers that Gyaos’ ray beam comes from its cry. Green light shows mood. Gyaos is prehistoric. Jp attack Gyaos.

But Gyaos fries them. Gamera recovers under ocean. Gyaos kills some cows. Farmer’s not happy want to sell out. Tsutsumis workers leave him. Eichi tells that Gyaos is afraid of light. Army uses flares to weaken Gyaos. Japanese forces attack Gyaos but Gyaos blows them away. Gyaos attacks Japanese forces and destroys cities, trains, planes. Gyaos likes to snacks on people. People trapped in stadium. Gyaos attacks Gamera to rescue.

Gamera attacks Gyaos in air knocks Gyaos around. Gyaos uses yellow powder to ground Gamera. Gamera traps Gyaos in the water as the sun rises. Gyaos cuts its own toes to escape. Japanese scientists learns that UV sunlight kills Gyaos. Plan is made to spin Gyaos until sun can kill it.

Tsutsumi heads the plan. Fake blood is used to get Gyaos. Gyaos takes the bait. Power fails. Gyaos escapes. Sun comes up. Gyaos flees. Plan failed. Eichi suggests they create a forest fire to flush out Gyaos. Gyaos kills the fires but Gamera comes. Gyaos drops Gamera a couple of times. Gamera finally gets on top of Gyaos and drags Gyaos to its death in Mt. Fuji. Gamera then flies away to kid’s music.

One Thing about This Movie

I actually just got done watching this movie as of February 16, 2014 it was around 3:30 PM when I started watching this because I have not seen in a while and I have to say the good points are the special effects were too bad but at the same time blatantly obvious. Gyaos is a very cool design for the Showa series there are 3 other different incarnations of Gyaos in the entire series of Gamera movies. This particular suit has the suit actor’s arms completely stretched across so that the wings do not have much movements just about to swing him back and forth.

Gamera is Gamera he hasn’t changed it looks good for the Showa series Gamera particularly fond of the Heisei Series of Gamera movies because of the suit designs my all-time favorite is the Gamera 3 suit. Some of the special effects are what they are especially when Gyaos is drinking the blood that clearly looks painting color. The lighting on top of the head of Gyaos it lights up red that was pretty cool. Gamera to slice and dice by his laser ray and goes off and does a healing process before coming back and dragging gyaos of the volcano and into the volcano.


  • This is the first film in which Gamera bleeds.
  • Gamera vs Viras
  • American International titled their U.S. version “Destroy All Planets” after the success they had with the release of Ishiro Honda’s Destroy All Monsters under the title “Destroy All Monsters”.
  • This was the first film in the series to use flashbacks from the previous Gamera films as a way of saving money on the production. In this film, the flashback sequence lasts approximately fifteen minutes.
  • This was Kôjirô Hongô’s final appearance in the series.
  • Gamera Vs Gyaos 1967 Statistics: Here is some statistics on Gamera as well as Gyaos they are there height, weight and any other vital statistics that are interesting.
  • Gamera
  • Top Speed (Underwater): 150 knots/h (6 times that of a nuclear submarine)
  • Top Speed (Flight): Mach 3 (3 times of the speed of sound)
  • Top Speed (Stride): 20m (40 times of man’s adult) of steps
  • Powers/weapons: Flame-breath, Arm & Leg jets, Crimson energy beam from eyes, sulfuric acid mist, acidic mud, flight
  • Weakness: His weaknesses are being dried out, Hedorah fears that electricity the most.

Closing Statements

This movie is similar to Gamera vs Barugon 1967 this is another good movie based on a bird that has laser rays coming out of his mouth and it slice and dices Gamera up. The costumes I do like the suits in this movie especially Gyaos. Some of the flying scenes are blatantly obvious however that’s what makes this movie cool is not supposed to be perfect. You can see in these movies that people put forth an effort to meet these movies entertaining.

The things that I did not like about this movie are some of the acting wasn’t top-notch. Now don’t get me wrong I know Gamera in the Showa series is a child friendly Gamera, but somehow it made these movies a little too pathetic and cheesy in a way. Especially the boy in this movie is a little too happy for me at times. But this is a good movie if you can appreciate a good Kaiju movie.


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