King Kong 2005 Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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     King Kong is the one monster movie that is the pinnacle point to all the monster movies today. This movie is the one that has spawned many other classics like the Son of Kong, Mighty Joe Young, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, and of course Godzilla in some sort of way. Well anyway I will do is write a synopsis and review each point of the movie that is worth mention in a positive way or negative way.

     It starts in the office of what is supposed to be a movie producers of that time. They are doing nothing but criticizing Carl Denhams safari movie saying that they are going to chop it up and sell it piece by piece. Meanwhile Carl and his protégé is running away with the film and the film company is chasing them, but they get away. Carl has this idea to make a movie, but the girl he had has backed out of the movie. He needs to find a girl who looks and is pretty much the same size. This part of the movie has been lengthen compare to the original. Carl is looking through a stain glass window when he sees the reflection of the perfect girl who by the way was in desperate times. She has just lost her job in a theater that was just shut and she was told to come to the burlesques to make some money. Well anyway he catches up with her and persuades to go on a trip to an island to do a film.

They get on the ship (The SS Venture) and they travel to the to Singapore. This is what Carl has told the captain they were going, but his ideas are different. He has this map with a skull on it. He wants to travel to this island, but the captain refuses he eventually drifts into the fog near the Skull Island. There as they traveling through jagged rocks with the faces of Kong carved into them. This part is a bit strange since there is no way they could have been carved unless that part of the ocean at one time was not under water or the natives of that island jumped out there as you will see later in the movie and carved it themselves this may be was has transpired.

     Carl and his crew manage to steal a boat and row to the island where they come across the great wall of Kong and what seems like a deserted part of the island. They look around only to find one little native who seems a little spooky at first, but turn out to be one vicious kid. Then all of a sudden Carl and his crew are attacked by these natives. Now I want to mention that Peter Jackson’s version of natives are rather cool looking their eyes are a bright red and their faces have bones sticking out of them like natives of a lost island should have. This sequence was perfect. but they are vicious some of the crew meet their death. Carl and the crew manage to escape. This is the part where you will see a native jump across the rocks to go after Ann Darrow. The natives put her through the rituals and get ready to tie her to the alter. The alter in the original has stairs that you would climb up and tie Ann to. This one was awesome she would be tied to the alter and the alter would slide forward until Ann hung in the air and then it was raised to about 20 feet in the air.

   Then as usually you would hear cracking of trees and the movements of the trees. The thing that is different here is when Kong came crashing through the streets he would be walking in this version you see him swing from the trees. You can catch a glimpse of him swinging from the trees, and then come thundering down to the ground. Only to visualize a very detailed and Mighty Joe Young looking face but not a s hairy, but he has battle scars that are quite visible. His eyes have a golden Hue color to them. He snatches Ann from the alter. What amazes me is when Kong snatches Ann from the alter her arms I am surprise they did break because the vines holding her would have rip her arms off.

     Meanwhile everyone has come to island to save Ann, but they were to late when Carl approaches the wall only to peak through to see this amazing creature of gigantic proportions. They travel into the islands deep brush to find Ann only to come across a bunch dinosaurs like brontosaurus’s and what seems like Velociraptors that are attacking the dinos and the people as they are running for their lives. They turn the corner to run across a ledge that would collapse under the weight of the dinos some fall to their death, but the Velociraptors eventually meet their death. Meanwhile deep in the jungle Kong is running with Ann in his hand tossing her around viciously like a rag doll to the point of almost knocking her out.

Kong stops and Ann starts messing around this part I did not get unless Ann knows the nature of the beats why would you tease a giant gorilla. Well anyway she plays with him doing tricks from her acting days in the theater. Kong likes what she is doing and starts to play with her she has had enough and scolds Kong. Kong’s feelings where hurt Ann was shock to see this. Kong slips away/ Ann decides to try and run away only to be stopped by Kong. This where Kong takes her to his hide out or what seems like a giant stair case up the mountain side. Kong is now eating vegetation off of trees he is pulling off the wall. Ann pretends to be knocked out eventually slipping away from Kong to hide in the forest. Only to come across a giant creature with teeth that are raiser sharp she runs and hides in a tree stump. There was two these creatures the one that was trying to get Ann suddenly yelps in pain Ann slips out of the tree stump only to look up and see that it was a Vrex that was having that creature for lunch.

    Ann starts to run and the Vrex is chasing her, and then she runs into another Vrex only to be stopped by Kong himself. Now Kong is fighting these to Vrexes off of Ann only to now be fighting three Vrexes. This is perhaps the bets part of the movie. Kong is fighting off these three Vrexes only to break the jaws of one them now he has two left. They fall into this deep ravine that is engrossed with vines. Kong is tangled up in the vines as well as Ann and the Vrexes. With one Vrex falling to the ground with Ann on top they fall into the water. The Vrex chases after Ann again only to be stopped again by the mighty Kong. This is where you will remember the classic fight with Kong and the Trex. The Vrex meets his untimely death at the hands of Kong by having his jaws snap like a twig. Kong takes An even though he is still hurt by Ann he takes off running to his lair where Ann tries to play with Kong again until Kong eventually forgives her for screaming at him.

     In the midst of it all Kong is traveling through the island and the crew of the Venture and Carl they finally meet only to be dumped into a ravine below where you will see the missing section called the spider section that was removed from the original movie and never found again. this part was truly remarkable with giant killer grasshoppers, spiders and other bugs. The crew fend them off. This the part where Andy Serkis who who plays a crew member on the Venture meets his death by being attacked by giant leeches. This my friends would be terrible way to die.  Carl finds his camera all smashed to pieces from the fall. Now he has no way of making it in the New York with his film gone. Now he has to do the next best thing and that is bringing Kong back with him.

     The crew bomb Kong in entrance the ocean where he next seen in New York sitting on stage depressed. Carl goes onto to say his Arabian Proverb And the Prophet said, ‘And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty. And it stayed its hand from killing. And from that day, it was as one dead.’ . Carl gives them Kong only eventually Photographers start using their cameras the flashes piss Kong off. He breaks from his chains people are running wilding through the theater Kong wipes them out like he was sweeping the floor. He spots Jack Driscoll who I forgot mention early in the film. He is Ann’s love interest. Kong chases him up the next level of the theater this part is cool he smashes through the building. Only to escape through the streets of New York. People are running scare Jack jumps in a cab Kong spots him and chases him through the streets. Kong catches up to him knocking him out by smashing the cab, but Kong hesitates to go further he looks to see Ann walking up the street to him. They take off walking into this park that is lit up in Christmas decorations and a pond that is frozen over. Kong and Ann is having fun on the pond sliding all over, but suddenly it explodes when they are being fired at by soldiers.

      Kong takes off running towards the Empire State Building. He is seen running across buildings that would have collapse under that kind of weight. He starts to climb the building to the top. He rests with Ann when suddenly five bi -planes come flying by. Kong gets agitated climbs to the very top only to get fired on rapidly. Eventually Kong gives up it almost impossible to bear the pain. The planes come by one more time shooting him in the back. Kong says goodbye to Ann and slips off the building falling to his death. Down below you see the usual reporters, soldiers, and cops ect….  Taking pictures when one of the soldiers says “It was the airplanes that got him” and walks by Carl who is looking on and he says “No it was beauty that killed the beats” thus the story ends. 

My Opinion on the movie!

     King Kong is a classic movie that runs about 3 hours and fifteen minutes. I through enjoyed this movie because I am a fan of King Kong as well as Godzilla. I am more a fan of Godzilla, but this movie and the special effects were truly remarkable. One thing I must comment on is that computer technology is not advance enough to mesh well with human interaction. this the only flaw on the movie that I have seen. You will notice that when the crew or Ann go up against King Kong or other creatures of giant size you notice that the matting is not that good. But I was will to overlook that when Kong was fighting the Vrexes and other monsters like the giant bats these scenes were awesome if this movie was totally computer generated with no human characters it would be flawless. The one thing I fails to mention in the synopsis is when Ann escapes from Kong he was attacked by bats where in the original he was fighting a tyranadon, or a pterodactyl like creature. the story was the closest to the original plot which I thought made this made a must see. it gives you the opportunity to compare the two together. By advice to all who read this if you don’t mind a little matting problems I would seriously suggest you go and see the movie. It is a movie I have waited a long time for thank you Peter Jackson and you crew for creating such a great movie.


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