King Kong Escapes 1967 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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  Movie Information 

  • Rhodes Reason – Commander Carl Nelson (voice actor: Kei Taguchi)
  •      Akira Takarada – Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura
  •      Linda Miller – Lt. Susan Watson (voice actor: Akiko Santou)
  •      Eisei Amamoto – Dr. Who
  •      Mie Hama – Madame Piranha Dr Who Ex assistant
  •      Yosihumi Tajima – Chief
  •      Nadao Kirino – Dr. Who’s assistant
  •      Andrew Hughes – United Nations journalist
  •      Ryūji Kita – Police inspector
  •      Masaaki Tachibana – Self-Defense Force soldier
  •      Ikio Sawamura – Mondo Islander
  •      Yasuhisa Tsutsumi – General
  •      Osman Yusuf – Submariner
  •      Haruo Nakajima – King Kong
  •      Yū Sekida – Mechani-Kong and Gorosaurus


The story begins with the evil genius that we all know Dr. Who does in fact steal the ideals of a mechanical version of King Kong and he calls it Mechani Kong. He built this machine in order for it to dig out highly radioactive Element X which is only located at the North Pole and Mechani Kong answers the ice cave to begin to dig into the glacier however the radiation that deploys is just too much for the brain’s circuitry all the mechanical robot and does in fact shut down. Dr. Who now sets his sights on getting the real King Kong to actually finish the job and get the Element X. In the process of going after the real King Kong Dr. Who does take along a beautiful female overseer her name is Mme. Piranha and it seems that her country’s government which is not named but may be North Korea is financing the entire scheme of Dr. Who’s adventure and she does eventually get a rate with him for his failures to get the results and to get the Element X.

Meanwhile there is a submarine that is commanded by Carl Nelson they eventually arrive on Mondo Island where the legendary King Kong actually lives. Much like the original 1933 film the giant egg does get into an intense fight with a dinosaur a large serpent like snake that the original did as well as a 1976 version the owner 1933 version we do not actually see in fighting a serpent it does in fact show it in the 1976 version. When confronted by King Kong he automatically falls in love with a female human in this case it is Lieut. Susan Watson (played by Linda Miller) following in the footsteps of the original call girl Fay Wray.

Eventually Dr. Who and his crew eventually make it to Mondo Island and they do manage to abduct King Kong and bring them back to the base at the North Pole were Kong is eventually hypnotized by flashing Whiting device that is fitted with a radio earpiece for communication. Is then that Dr. Who sent Kong back into the cave to dig out the Element X and as King Kong is digging his way through the ice university runs into a problem with the earpiece and Dr. Who eventually kidnaps Susan Watson was the only person that can control King Kong. After Watson and her fellow officers are captured by Dr. Who Mme. Piranha unsuccessfully tries to seduce Capt. Nelson to bring him over to her side and eventually King Kong escapes and swims all the way to Japan there Mme. Piranha does manage to help Capt. Nelson and the rest of the crew escape as well as they make it to Tokyo Japan where it eventually happens that King Kong and the mechanical Kong that they call Mechani Kong eventually fight and they make their way towards the Tokyo Tower as they both climb and fight up towards the tower within that process Mechani Kong does in fact have Susan Watson in his hands and this is why King Kong is fighting the mechanical Kong.

As a woman make their way up to the top eventually Mechani Kong slips and falls only to fall and break into 1 million pieces and King Kong manages to save Susan Watson. Towards the end of the movie we see Capt. Nelson and the crew in a car with King Kong following behind to go after Dr. Who when fact is trying to escape on a ship. It is then that Susan Watson tells King Kong “get that ship Kong” “Kong get that ship” he jumps into the water and eventually catches up to the ship completely destroying the boat within the process Dr. Who gets caught in between a very heavy table and eventually you see blood spilling out of his mouth as he dies and then Kong gives up on the ship jumped back into the water and swims home!

What I like about the Movie

1st off I am a fan of King Kong so that’s the 1st thing I do like is King Kong even though it does look a little better than the original 1962 version at fault Godzilla this is Toho’s version of King Kong this was a little smaller than the original Toho King Kong. It does in fact have more apelike features as it’s hunched over when it walks it doesn’t fight like the 1962 version but that’s only because it goes against the mechanical version of himself. Mechani Kong is another one I truly like. It is an amazing design and I have always liked the fact that they would make a robotic version of certain monsters like Godzilla has its own counterpart. Mechani Kong has these bomb strapped to his side which is he uses this is an amazing robot unfortunately they never use it again hopefully in the future they will!

What I don’t like about the Movie

There is a too much about this movie I do not like some would say the cheesy effects would be a turnoff but to me it is not. This is very nostalgic to me simply because Eiji Tsuburaya is the man that created the special effects for this film and the way he went about it to me I can appreciate the hard work that these people put into it even though I doesn’t give you a realistic sense but it’s very amusing just to see how they do it it’s interesting to say the least. There is anything really about this movie I didn’t like I thought was very good to say the least.

My Closing Statements

this movie is a classic movie of King Kong in nature if you like King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 you will like this one as well because it does feature the Kaiju that I failed to mention in my review Gorosaurus. King Kong does in fact fight Gorosaurus simply because Gorosaurus was going after Susan Watson when they 1st approached Mondo Island and that is when was enamored by Susan Watson. Anyway King Kong does fight this Kaiju to me Gorosaurus is a very unique looking dinosaur like Kaiju and is very popular within the Kaiju genre. He does have a special kick is called a kangaroo kick and in the movie Destroy All Monsters that came out in 1968 he does manages to use that kangaroo kick on King Ghidorah and knocked him to the ground where the rest of the monsters do eventually beat him for. Anyway getting back to the movie in my opinion this is a very very good movie if you’re into Kaiju/sci-fi giant monster movies this is one you definitely got to see!


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