Pacific Rim Uprising: A Film in Retrospective

Written by Barney Buckley

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“This review is full spoilers as I will not hold back if you do not want to be spoiled my suggestion is not to read this review”

Before we get into the actual review I would like to say that because of all the downloading from torrents of these 3 movies and people burn them to DVD American profits off of them it has changed things in theaters. We are now forced to watch commercials in the theaters. Now in my opinion commercials are absolutely pointless and don’t get me wrong I do understand the purpose they do advertise certain products that people don’t necessarily need or they do need. Anyway were forced to watch commercials in the theaters. This is going on for quite some time now.

The next thing we do is we end up watching in this particular theater trailers from movies that we expect to have a similarity to Pacific Rim Uprising. However that is not the case only because there are really any movies that are based on anything Kaiju related or robot related coming out. We end up watching trailers and I’m saying to myself Hollywood is really failing in making good movies in my opinion. They just don’t trust me anymore. Every once in a while though, across something that my peak my interest such as a trailer to Jurassic world. Honestly I think I just going to be another dinosaur movie with nothing is really going to stand out other than the CGI.


One more thing before we get into the actual movie review is I did notice that the screen was a little dark and I’m like saying to myself I hope this movie isn’t dark and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t.

The next day I like to ask each and every one of you before you read this is to understand that this review is loaded with spoilers and I am not going to hold back. So if you have not seen this movie yet and don’t want to be spoiled my suggestion is to stop reading this and wait until you see the movie and then come back to me your thoughts in the comments below.

Let’s begin by talking about a little information based on the film itself.

  • It is directed by Steven S. Deknight
  • It is produced by get this John Boyega who is also Jake Pentecost who is the son of Kaiju war hero Stacker Pentecost. He is a producer for this film.
  • Cale Boyter
  • Guillermo Del Toro
  • Jon Jashni
  • Femi Oguns
  • Mary Parent
  • Thomas Tull
  • The Production Company Is Legendary Pictures
  • The Film Is Distributed by Universal Pictures
  • The Release Date for the Film (Vue West End) March 15, 2018
  • The Release Date for This Film in the United States is March 23, 2018.
  • The running time for this film is 111 minutes.
  • The Country Is the United States of America.
  • The language for this film is English.
  • The budget for this film is $150 million
  • So Far at the Box Office It Has Accumulated a Total of $61.5 Million


  • John Boyega as Jake Pentecost
  • Scott Eastwood as Nate Lambert
  • Cailee Spaeny as Amara Namani
  • Madeleine McGraw as Young Amara Namani
  • Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori
  • Charlie Day as the Precursor Emissary, formerly Dr. Newton “Newt” Geiszler
  • Burn Gorman as Dr. Hermann Gottlieb
  • Jing Tian as Liwen Shao
  • Adria Arjona as Jules Reyes
  • Zhang Jin as Marshal Quan
  • Karan Brar as Suresh
  • Ivanna Sakhno as Vik
  • Mackenyu as Ryoichi
  • Shyrley Rodriguez as Renata
  • Levi Meaden as Ilya
  • Rahart Adams as Tahima Shaheen
  • Zhu Zhu as Juen
  • Nick E. Tarabay as Sonny

Movie Review in Stages


The movie does start out with Jake Pentecost after the battle of the breach 10 years after the fact he is seen stealing and selling Jaeger parts to the black market.

In this particular scene we do see a massive amount of Jaeger parts very cool to see this as you see gigantic heads of some familiar Jaeger’s are you not know. In one gigantic robot arm and he is also seeing running through the junkyard and somehow manages to escape his adversaries.

There Jake Pentecost runs into Amara Namani seen stealing a certain part to get her version of a Jaeger up and running. She manages to do this and escapes the warehouse only to be confronted by a gigantic Jaeger known as November Ajax. This is a gigantic blue Jaeger very similar to that of Gypsy Avenger. This is a very cool scene as you see her running away from this gigantic Jaeger only eventually to be captured by him electrocuting her and then he proceeds to move down and tap on the dysfunction Scrapper and eventually she comes out of the Jaeger.

The movie progresses with them finally getting back into the Jaeger program and we see some new cadets are trying to get familiar with each other this is a typical scene. Though we do run into Scott Eastwood’s character who does look a lot like his father Clint Eastwood and as far as I’m concerned he does a really good job in this film.

As the movie progresses we see that Jake Pentecost is eventually slowly coming around and he is confronted by a hologram of Mako and she pretty much says that he needs to get it together and get back in the Jaeger program. Eventually she does show up in real life with a group of scientists create a new version of Jaeger’s however we do not see them and eventually they send out Gypsy Avenger where he is confronted by a rogue Jaeger that is piloted by a one-man team somewhere on the planet we do not know where.


However it does go wrong as we find out something pretty interesting which I will explain to you later. Anyway seeing Obsidian Fury this is the road Jaeger that we see emerge out of the water and literally embarrass Gypsy Avenger as it seems obsidian fury is the better fighter. This is a great scene as well. Within the flight between these 2 Jaeger’s we see that Mako is trying to authorize the drones at a PPDC Council meeting in Sydney however in the process she does get killed by the road Jaeger Obsidian Fury before she actually report.

In this particular scene Jake Pentecost is frustrated at the death of his sister bad things suddenly turn around after that.

Suddenly in the sky they see other Jaeger is being transported to the scene and Obsidian Fury and he suddenly disappears into the water.

Now the Jaeger’s have noticed a pattern within Mako’s message and they head towards this particular area only to be confronted by the road Jaeger once again Obsidian Fury were another fight ensues and it is a great battle however Gypsy avenger manages to get the better of him and destroys the road Jaeger.

This is an interesting seeing as we see Gypsy suddenly grab the road Jaeger’s face helmet and rip it off only to discover that there is a Kaiju brain that was controlling this rogue Jaeger. The also pattern begins.


When the drones reach their respective locations, they are taken over by cloned Kaiju brains and simultaneously attack Shatterdomes worldwide, inflicting heavy casualties on the PPDC forces and incapacitating almost all Jaegers. Hermann Gottlieb seeks out Geiszler for help, unaware that Geiszler is the mastermind behind the attack, as he has been corrupted by regularly drifting with Kaiju brains. Seeking to destroy the world for the Precursors, the alien race who created the Kaiju, Geiszler has installed a backdoor in the drone program so that the Kaiju brains could take over the drones, destroy the PPDC and open new breaches all over the world.

Now in his next particular scene we do see that the company executive Shao does manage to destroy all of the drones that have Kaiju brains within them however by doing this it does manage to let 3 categories for and 5 Kaiju out of that breach.

In this particular scene we do see the Jaeger’s take on these other 3 Kaiju and they have a very heavy fight on their hands and I will tell you it is a great fight scene in the Jaeger’s of actually get the better of them for the most part.

However we finally realize that there is something that most people do not expect as a suddenly realize that Geiszler is the precursors in the main goal is to activate the Ring of fire by having the Kaiju fall directly into Mount Fuji. This is where the blood will react with the volcano’s rare earth elements and activate all the volcanoes within the Ring of fire. Wiping out all of life on planet Earth and the terraforming of the planet for their colonization would begin.

There are only a total of 4 remaining Jaeger’s left and before they could do this they suddenly see the other 3 Kaiju form into the Mega-Kaiju which is the amalgamation of Raijin, Hakuja and Shrikethorn.

I will tell you this this is one big freaking Kaiju and what category it belongs in is unknown at this time. However it is powerful and the Jaeger’s are no match for this. The other 2 Jaeger’s are destroy suddenly we do see Amara suddenly run for Gypsy Avenger as we now see Scott Eastwood’s character is heavily damaged in the fight and she takes his place within Gypsy Avenger.

In this last particular scene we do see Scrapper has finally made it back into the fight and somehow managed to grab one of the turbos and somehow welded to Gypsy Avenger’s hand because this Jaeger is heavily damaged and it needed to transport into the sky where it would literally fall from the air onto this gigantic Mega-Kaiju. This was in order to stop it from falling into Mount Fuji.

They do this eventually destroying Gypsy Avenger and the Kaiju finally dies and they succeed in stopping the Kaiju from falling into Mount Fuji.

In the last part or the proscribed scenes all this movie we do see the captive Precursor/Geiszler does threaten Jake in the human existence that they will not stop from taking over the planet. However we do see Jake does make mention that that is not going to happen as he says that they are in some sort of why going to confront the precursors in their world. It is my understanding if there is a 3rd movie they will go into the breach and the fight will occur in the breach possibly destroying all the Kaiju within the breach. Also this would be interesting in my opinion as their company ungodly amount of different category Kaiju should prove interesting if they do it right.

My Final Thoughts on this Film


Now that what I thought about the film I thought it was really good, but not in the way to compare it to Pacific Rim the original. These 2 movies are different in a lot of ways. This movie is action-packed so you won’t be disappointed in that way however the CGI in my opinion if we are going compare it to Pacific Rim is a lot different. The way to handle the movies or all of different. The 1st movie I do understand it is more or less setting up what the Jaeger’s and the Kaiju’s are all about so they put a lot of effort into that aspect.

The suits that they wear in the 1st movie are so much better than the suits that they wear in this one. The way to handle the Jaeger’s the movements and how the robots look are so much better than the 2nd movie. There are a lot of things in my opinion Pacific Rim is better than Pacific Rim Uprising. However we will not get into it too much. The Jaeger’s they are Mach 6 Jaeger’s so they are much more improved than the originals and you can see it as they do move quite well and their martial arts skills are spot on.

Gypsy Avenger even though he is a Mach 6 does not come off as being a bad ass compared to Gypsy Danger. In my opinion Gypsy Danger does handle the Kaiju a lot more ferociously even though he does it for part in the movie. Gypsy Avenger is one of those Jaeger’s that is controlled by Jake and Scott Eastwood’s character and eventually this character gets hurt and he is replaced by Amara.


The Kaiju in this film I will tell you they are a lot better in design in my opinion than the originals. The originals are constantly a blue color with a hint of brown. The design of these Kaiju in the 2nd movie is absolutely amazing they do send out more so than the Jaeger’s. The cool thing about these Kaiju is you see these tiny little critters running through the streets and they make their way to the 3 Kaiju and force them together to form a gigantic mega-Kaiju. I thought this was absolutely cool.

This may Kaiju does not have a name not as of yet and he makes his way up to Mount Fuji to sacrifice itself, but Gypsy Avenger sacrifice himself and eventually kills the mega-Kaiju. All in all this movie is not that bad but if you are compared to the 1st one it does fall short in a lot of aspects. I enjoyed it. There is also a rumor that if they do create a 3rd movie here is my scenario all what I think it would be like if you pay attention to the very last part of this film. In the post credit scene Geiszler was taken over by The Precursor is the one controlling the Kaiju in this film anyway he is captured and tied to a chair threatens Jake that they will not stop until they take over the planet. Jake responds with just one we’re coming to you.

This is my scenario when he said that is most likely they will create a certain kind Jaeger were Jaeger’s that will be able to answer the breach possibly a hybrid type Jaeger that would be cool. So that the signature Kaiju can answer the breach outside of that they cannot answer the breach. If you remember in the 1st film in order for them to drop Gypsy Danger into the breach he needed to take a Kaiju with him, so it is my understanding that they could possibly create a hybrid Kaiju Jaeger wore several of them and they answer the breach and they do battle within the realm.

There is no telling what’s in their realm as I do like to create and clone Kaiju and there is no telling what category of Kaiju they will create or have down there it should prove to be a good fight if they do it right. Anyway I’m going to end in here and so that you can further understand my review I did create a video that is based on Pacific Rim Uprising: A Film in Retrospective this is a video that concentrates on all aspects and understanding all the film. Not just a movie review but it is quite interesting to learn things about the film itself. Anyway here is the video should you decide you want to check it out…


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