Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle 2018 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Well it seems that the 2n animated Godzilla film all the trilogy is now been released on Netflix and I just got done watching it and I want to give you my thoughts on this film. As we all know this is the sequel to “Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters” as this film is about the alliance of humans and the Bilusaludo trying to defeat Godzilla on a future Earth which hadn’t been inhabited (at least by humans) for about 20,000 years.

Now I will warn you if you have not seen this film yet I will not stop on the spoilers here in this movie review, but if you have then you know what’s going to happen. But some friendly advice if you don’t want to be spoiled do not read this as it will spoil you.

Now as we all know in the last film towards the end we were under the assumption that Godzilla was destroyed, but wouldn’t you know it, that wasn’t a real positive ending for the humans. Simply because what exploded out of the mountain was an even bigger Godzilla the biggest Godzilla to date often is bigger. This Godzilla is the original Godzilla that 1st showed up in the 20th century and it does stand over 315 m tall.

My Review


The setting begins with Harou is being rescued by what seems to be an indigenous human being and this film does continue from where Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters ends at. As we all know continue to now try to battle Godzilla as a slave to come up with a plan and the story continues on. I will tell you this it does get a little boring as this movie does not have much action until almost towards the end. This is where a lot of people would complain and stand her and say it wasn’t a good movie. It seems that people thrive on action instead of actually appreciating the storyline for what it is.

The interesting thing about this film is the indigenous people a lot of people assumed towards the end of the 1st film they were under the assumption that the girl rescued Harou was a Mothra priestess. However they are interesting as they are not completely human in this film they are a blend of Mechagodzilla. This is where it gets strange but interesting.

The indigenous people have very cool looking markings very similar to the indigenous tribes that you see on the island that held King Kong in the movie Kong: Skull Island. They have very cool markings in this film as well. Now here is where it gets a little strange and to me this was a positive and a negative as treated Mechagodzilla that we technically never actually see in this film. What has transpired from the original Mechagodzilla that was created years ago when Godzilla 1st showed up and had evolved.


It did evolve into something completely different than you would expect. It had changed in the course of 20,000 years into a city and it was called Mechagodzilla city and what transpires after that is the soldiers and humans create smaller robots known as “The Vultures” as they are winged machines that fly very fast and have very exceptional weapons that make Godzilla Earth a little disturbed. This is because they are made of the nano metal that created the original Mechagodzilla. As you see where I’m saying it’s getting kind of strange but interesting at same time. This was kind of cool, but I was hoping to see a full-blown version of a mechanized version of Godzilla Earth however that is not the case.

As time progresses there is a full-blown out war between these machines and Godzilla Earth and again the humans somehow managed to destroy Godzilla Earth social plate just like Godzilla Fillius that they were going to kill in that way and it did not work out the way they plan.


They do manage to take him down however he has his new weapon where he almost turns into a burning Godzilla. The heat from his body increases to over 1000° pretty close to what happened to the burning Godzilla before he melted down. They were wondering why he didn’t explode and it is because this is a different Godzilla altogether. And yes he does manage to survive and the story will continue with the next movie that again here is a spoiler it will feature King Ghidorah.

This is my all-time favorite enemy of Godzilla, so yes I guarantee you I am looking forward to this and how they treat him and how he will look I am very curious. Anyway to make a long story short the story was a little long and boring in my opinion but not that bad as it does pick up towards the end. It just continues from the 1st one which I found refreshing and different however this continues the film so that’s where kind of makes it a little boring, but it does pick up towards the end.


Now let’s talk a little bit about the animation of the film I will tell you this I love the visuals. Yes Godzilla himself and some of the related creatures that are clones or they spawn from Godzilla Earth are very cool to say the least. There were some tentacle -like creatures that a lot of people would assume good event Biollante as those tentacles were very similar to Biollante’s. That is another spoiler for you.

Watch past the credits of Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle, and pay attention to conversations with the non-human races: it wouldn’t surprise me if the next threat turns out to be planet sized.


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