Godzilla Planet of the Monsters 2017 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley
Email Address- bbuckley@triad.rr.com


  • Directed by Kōbun Shizuno, and Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Produced by Takashi Yoshizawa
  • Screenplay by Gen Urobuchi
  • Starring
  • Mamoru Miyano
  • Takahiro Sakurai
  • Kana Hanazawa
  • Yūki Kaji
  • Music by Takayuki Hattori
  • Production Company – Polygon Pictures and Toho Animation
  • Distributed by Toho (Japan) and Netflix (Worldwide)
  • Release date November 17, 2017 (Japan)
  • Running time 88 minutes
  • Country-Japan
  • Language Japanese and English subtitle, English Dub
  • Box office US$3.1 million

As we all know Godzilla Planet of the Monsters was 1st shown in Japan on November 17, 2017 and finally were shown on Netflix worldwide on January 17, 2018. As we all know this is a three-part animated Godzilla movie trilogy and so far we have a total of 2 of them as of right now. As I am writing this movie review on July 19, 2018 a day after Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle which is the 2nd of the trilogy movies to be released on Netflix I am doing this movie review. I did do a movie review on my YouTube channel a while back.

As we all know when they did produce that film Shin Godzilla which came out in 2016 it was advanced in a lot of ways as it did take over the number 1 spot as being the most profitable film for the Toho Motion Picture Company. It took away from King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 which held that honor up until this movie. I guess you can say this was a leap forward in a lot of ways. This movie did in fact when a lot of awards over there in Japan and now we have another movie that is definitely much more a step forward as it is totally animated for the very 1st time for the Toho Motion Picture Company.


This film was in fact animated by the company known as Polygon Pictures is based on a cell-shading animation house that previously worked on video games like Onimusha 2, Dead or Alive Extreme 2, Resident Evil 5, and yes Street fighter 5. The screenplay was handled by Gen Urobuchi who is best known for such anime’s as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Psycho-Pass, but with Nitroplus he worked on the scenario for visual novel games like Kikokugai and Saya no Uta.

Now is give you my thoughts on what I think about this movie! There has been many different variations of Godzilla films that have come out and this includes a man in a suit, total CGI movie type and yes animated versions of Godzilla and this one is no exception to that rule.

As we all know if you have seen this film it does depict a world that is invaded by a lot of kaiju that are literally destroying everything in their wake. The one thing I like to point out is the fact that they handled the other kaiju in this film as bleak images as we did not actually see them moving around like Godzilla. Which in my opinion was a little disappointing, but was not the end of the world. After decades of this kind of destruction it would be in 2048 that an intergalactic vessel called the Atratrum would begin an actual 20 year journey with its human passengers looking for a new planet to settle on. This one here however has been totally annihilated by all the kaiju and Godzilla has taken over. This is the reason why they are in search of a different planet to settle on.


They would eventually traveled for 20 years to a distant constellation only to discover that the planet that they thought they could actually settle on is absolutely uninhabitable so they make their return back home. However doing so for them it was 20 years but coming back it was literally 20,000 years and as we all know the planet’s environment has definitely changed the one thing hasn’t changed is the fact that Godzilla is still a lethal menace and still exists.

I will tell you this when you 1st see this and the storyline it is definitely set up very well. Life inside the ship that they were traveling on is very vivid in display they did a fantastic job on the animation of the ship. Though the environment within this you have upon traveling has its disappointments such as the lack of water and the clothing as well as the suits are soiled, scuffed or even scratched. This is what happens after 20 years of using the same products it gets pretty gritty and grim at the same time.


Upon arriving to the planet they find that Godzilla does exist however this is not Godzilla that I think it is it is a clone of Godzilla earth. As they soon discover toward the end of this film that there is indeed another Godzilla. As they thought they killed the 1st Godzilla and they could re-inhabit the planet however on the other one would emerge and he would be over 300 m tall. This would be the original that chase them away 20,000 years ago or in their case 20 years ago. Anyway that is the premise of the film they pretty much leave and come back and they fight this Godzilla is known as Godzilla Fillius and they managed to destroy it only to discover that there is a much larger and much more powerful Godzilla the original Godzilla that they call Godzilla earth.

Now let me give you my thoughts on what I liked him what I did not like about the film. The characters at times in my opinion seem a little over-the-top with their acting, but I soon get past that as the movie does progress. The whole entire animated version and how Godzilla Fillius looked in my opinion was a little for me to adjust to, but I got used to a real fast as he does have some pretty impressive weapons and he does look amazing at times. There are a lot of people that did not care for this movie but that is to be expected in any movie that comes out on the market you’re always going to have people that don’t like it and then you’re always have people that do like it. I am one of those people that actually thoroughly enjoyed this film. The animation at times was absolutely the most spectacular thing I’ve seen in a long time. Then there are times as you are watching this film it seems a little dull but that is how they do cell shading type animation.


I will tell you this Godzilla Fillius does have some impressive weapons and another thing I like to point out that I did like was the fact that you have these soldiers that are flying around on these flying bikes and shooting a Godzilla Fillius this in my opinion would look absolutely amazing in a real live action film, but that’s just my thoughts on that.

Harou is the main protagonist and all through the film he seems a little overboard with his anger. However, that would soon change as he would take control of the situation and he has great leadership skills. All the things that I did like and found that they were okay but not overly great were the Servum which kind of look cool in a way, and at the same time they serve their purpose in the film as they too were a spawn off of Godzilla earth. The entire environment was catered around Godzilla earth. This is why he is called Godzilla earth as the entire planet is about Godzilla earth.

As I was saying earlier once they did destroy Godzilla Fillius and we get into the actual homestretch the pace does in fact becomes relentless and continuous. Nothing but action once they start attacking Godzilla Fillius and from that point on to the end it was action-packed. Another thing about this movie that I did like was the fact that the actual storyline was refreshing and different as compared to any other Godzilla film I did thoroughly enjoy the storyline. And the action sequences they pick up as we did not normally have to wait for any real action to occur.


Now let’s talk about Godzilla Earth he is surprisingly effective and frightening at times. The musical score is also very comforting and it does fit well within the theme of this movie as well as the kaiju Godzilla Earth. As I’ve mentioned from time to time the animation throughout is overly exceeding in my opinion and one more thing I like to point out is the fact that it is very cool military hardware as I mentioned earlier and they were well executed.

There are some movie reviews that seem to say that there is not enough closure to actually feel satisfied when account for this film, and there is a reason for that is because it is the 1st of 3 movies and if you watch all these movies back to back it should feel complete. That’s just my opinion on that. Anyway closing this off I don’t really have too many complaints other than maybe some of the characters were a little dull at times, but the action sequence with the Servum, Godzilla Fillius and Godzilla Earth where absolutely spot on in my opinion.


Now will tell you this I am a big fan of the man in the suit and I don’t really mind CGI, but at times there are a lot of fans out there that seem to think that we should move on from the whole entire man in the suit to CGI and I’ll totally agree with that. I am old school I grew up watching all these very cool kaiju and sci-fi movies that had very little CGI and were created with practical effects these in my opinion are what make these movies really great. CGI in my opinion comes at a very expensive price however there are some benefits if it is done right can look very realistic like they did in Godzilla 2014. Shin Godzilla as well they did a fantastic job with the CGI though not as compared to Godzilla 2014, but that’s because Japan is not on top of the CGI game as compared to the United States of America and I am not saying that to criticize them is just simply the way it is. Anyway to end this I thoroughly enjoyed this!


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