The Meg 2018 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Movie Information

  • Movie Release Date-August 10, 2018
  • Director: Jon Turteltaub
  • Studio: Warner Bros.
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Topics: Ocean Creatures
  • Run time: 113 minutes
  • MPAA rating: PG-13
  • MPAA explanation: action/peril, bloody images and some language

Now when doing a movie review we need to point out certain aspects about these films. The first thing we need to ask ourselves what parents need to know about this film. I will tell you this The Meg is definitely an action movie with a prehistoric gigantic shark and a team of heroes that is led by Jason staff as a try to stop this creature. Know what about this film should parents be aware of is loaded with all kinds of blood and this includes wounds, blood swirling in the water etc.…

We definitely cannot forget the shark attacks as they are often sudden and startling at the same time. I also like to mention that this bill is also loaded with lots of explosions and yes a ton of destruction and carnage. There are many different mangled sharks and sea creatures that are shown and it even shows a woman is accidentally stabbed with a screwdriver and there is also a scene were a young girl is briefly in danger. Also I like to mention that the dog that is swimming in the water is also in danger however it does come back to safety.

Like most movies today and they are filled with indecent words that are not appropriate for younger audiences. Now with that being said let us get into the actual movie review and what I thought about the film.

As we all know there is a wealthy investor and his name is Jack Morris (Rainn Wilson) does travel to China to see his new research station and this man is a billionaire. Now this research station had discovered that there is a layer of frozen gas which they thought was part of the sea floor. They somehow managed to break through only to discover there is a giant creature lurking below.

Now this particular part is interesting on a scientific level as they soon discover what it is that is down there. I found this quote quite interesting as in most scientific type movies or any kind of monster movie there is always a certain level of science to it and it does not make it interesting for these type of movies. Anyway they soon discover that there is a gigantic prehistoric Megalodon that everyone assumed was extinct. Now I realize that it does exist and yes it does manage to escape that frozen cavern and wreak havoc in the local area.

Now that it does manage to escape they leave it up to Jonas (Jason Statham) and a shark expert Suyin (Bingbing Li) as well as the rest of the team in order to stop this gigantic shark.

Now this film in itself and this is to be expected like most shark films draws premise from the original Jaws which came out June 20, 1975 and most movies that come out that are based on a shark has a lot to do with the premise of this movie as well. The movie does start off quite well as it does have some clever scientific discovery which I mentioned earlier which in my opinion could have been explored a little bit more as we can possibly discovered something other than the Megalodon. There is no telling what was in that ice pocket

Before actually seeing this movie we pretty much know if you are a shark fan what this movie is going to be simply about. As I mentioned before it takes a lot of the elements from the original movie Jaws. The only exception is the fact that this particular gigantic shark is totally CGI. Now there are a lot of reviewers out there that will criticize the action sequence as being not exactly terrible, certainly clunky, and they also mention that there are plenty of large meaningless, largely bloodless slaughter’s that does not have any impact. That is their opinion in my opinion some of the action sequences in this film I thoroughly enjoyed especially when we soon discover that there was an even larger Megalodon that suddenly destroys the ship and bites down on the dead Megalodon. This in my opinion was unexpected but a very cool scene just to say the least.


One thing I like to point out is that in the beginning of the movie there is a famous one-liner that was said that is synonymous to all shark movies and some aspects that go ahead and say “there something out there!”.

Now this film’s premise is more along the lines of Jaws meets the abyss in this long-awaited adaption of Steve Alten’s 1997 novel that is simply called Meg and it did spawn a total of 6 sequels. With that being said I will end this movie review with this thought it was a good movie with decent CGI and the action sequence I found they were quite comfortable to watch. Like most movies they have a tendency to be a little boring and certain aspects however because I like gigantic shark movies this one was well scripted in my opinion as a story was not really boring at all it kept me enthralled throughout the entire movie.

That honestly does not always happen with me. A prime example of this would be Godzilla 2014 as I began to watch that movie and finish watching the movie there were some spots that did bore me a lot and the only thing about the film in my opinion was the action sequence and some other aspects about the film were okay. This movie did a little bit better for me as I do like the actors and actresses in this film and the storyline was pretty decent and it was typical in some aspects however I did not mind that part because we all know it is a short movie and this is honestly to be expected. All in all this is a pretty decent movie to watch.

With This Being Said Let Us Get into Some Interesting Facts and Trivia Based on This Film.

If you have not seen this film yet and you do not want to be spoiled my suggestion is not to read from this point on!

Let us go ahead and jump right into some spoilers…

1. In the book, the Megalodon’s were classified as pure white and almost luminescent and this is from living in an environment that virtually had no light whatsoever. However that particular color does proved to be too difficult to render in CGI while still trying to look realistic, so the Megalodon’s were actually: in the same color as a great white shark instead.

2. The actress Ruby Rose almost literally drowned on the set.

3. Eli Roth was at one time attached to direct this film however he was replaced by Jon Turteltaub. Roth left due to creative differences with the studio, namely that he wanted the film to maintain both its R-rating and a $150 million budget. It was also rumored that Roth, on top of writing and directing, also wanted to play the lead role of Jonas, but the studio believed he did not have the star power.

4. Now in the film just before the Meg does attack Suyin while she is in the plastic shark cage, you can hear a fast-paced version of the cello theme music from the movie Jaws which came out in 1975.

5. The Meg was actually filmed in New Zealand.

6. The actor Jason Statham is actually an expert swimmer in real life and did in fact represent England in 1990 during the Commonwealth games diving category although he did fail to win. There is footage of him competing you can deftly find this online. Possibly on YouTube. There are a lot of shots of him in the water and they are real and there is also based on global that was only used for the most had hazardous stunts. Outside of that he did most of his stones in the water.

7. This film is actually based on a book called “Meg: a Novel of Deep Terror” this is the first book that was written by the author Steve Alten.

8. At one given point or another Jason Statham’s character, Jonas, literally jumped in the water and start singing to himself, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” This is a homage to the character in the animated film “Dory in finding Nemo” which came out in 2003.

9. Now according to the book the Meg only attacked at night since living in the deep water made his eyes super sensitive to the light. It only attacked in daylight when it had been blinded during the course of the book. The movie, however, had the Meg literally in daylight with no consequences.


10. Now this film was initially going to be set up at Disney back in 1997 when the book was actually first published. There was a bid which cost the studio nearly USD1 million. The project eventually went into a turnaround after Disney call cold feet after competing with Warner Bros. 1999 killer shark film Deep Blue Sea. Alten, frustrated at the lack of movement based on this project he did in fact write his own draft which he did show to Nick Nunziata, who then in turn delivered to Guillermo del Toro. Del Toro took the project to Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin, who brought on Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) director Jan De Bont to helm.

11. Now the author of this book his daughter also made an appearance in this film as an extra.

12. The name of the event you do see swimming in the water is named Pippin and this is according to the actual lab in the film Jaws which came out in 1975 that lab was called Pippit.

13. Now here is something interesting in the early stages of development for this film they wanted George Clooney to star in this film.

14. The name of the boat at the end of this film is called “Charlotte” and this is also the name of the ship Benjamin Franklin Gates searches for in the film national treasure which came out in 2004 and that was also directed by Jon Turtltaub.

15. Here is another interesting fact about this film it was originally budgeted for USD130-USD178 million as well as an additional USD140 million for advertisement. The film will need to gross at least USD400 million in order for it to break even. So far as of August 31, 2018 it has made a total of USD416 million so it did in fact breakeven or just a little bit above that.

16. The Meg which came out in 2018 does market return of a noted film producer Gerald R Molen back to Hollywood filmmaking.

17. Here is something quite interesting when Disney Hollywood pictures first bought the rights to the novel back in 1996 they did in fact higher Tom Wheeler is a television writer and producer to write a screenplay for the movie. However, his script was not considered to be a very good script so Disney went ahead and hired another screenwriter Jeffrey Boam, who was most well-known for writing scripts for films such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which came out in 1989, The Lost Boys which came out in 1987, Innerspace which came out in 1987, Lethal Weapon 2 which came out in 1989, and Lethal Weapon 3 which came out in 1992, but his screenplay was also rejected for the same reasons as Wheelers.

18. When New Line Cinema took over the project back in 2005 there was in fact another script that was written by Shane Salerno, writer of both Alien Vs. Predator films, and Jan De Bont was also involved in it as well as a director and Guillermo Del Toro as a producer, but ultimately it did get canceled once again.

19. The Gliders that were used in the climax of this film are named Robert Byrd and Ernest Shackleford.


20. Actress Li Bingbing and Ruby Rose both appeared in the films from the Resident Evil Franchise. Li appeared in Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) and Rose appeared in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016).

21. This film does pay homes to multiple versions of other films in various scenes and shots. The most notable is Jaws 1975, but other film references include Jaws 3 which came out in 1983 and The Abyss which came out in 1989 this is a great film. However the scenes are too numerous to mention all of them.

22. Now let us get into some more spoilers now according to the book, Jonas does kill the Meg by driving down its throat and landing inside the belly, then ripping out the heart from within. In the movie, Jonas slices the Meg across the belly and lets hundreds of sharks devour it.

23. In the book, Jonas is trying to fix a broken Unis system and in the film itself; however, he is trying to save a submersible that is carrying his ex-wife.

24. At the end of the film when the shark is killed the same sound effect is heard that was used in the original film Jaws which came out in 1975 when the shark was killed and also in the movie Duel (both directed by Steven Spielberg) when the truck goes over the cliff.

25. Now according to the book the Meg does give birth to 3 pups 2 of which do die and the lone survivor who is now called Angel would be the poster child for the next “Meg” book. In the film however the shark never gets pregnant nor does it offer any offspring at least not around knowledge. .


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