Godzilla: the Planet Eater 2018 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com

  • Director: Hiroyuki Seshita, Kobun Shizuno
  • Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi
  • Original story: Gen Urobuchi
  • Original Character Design: Yūsuke Kozaki
  • Art Director: Yukihiro Shibutani
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama


Here we have me that is now said decades in space, and it seems that humanity’s last survivors have returned to earth to find out that after millennia has passed on earth that the entire ecosystem has changed on this planet. There is also an apex predator that has risen and he is literally over 1000 feet tall this is the largest incarnation and probably the most powerful incarnation of Godzilla we have seen yet. Well it seems after two failed attempts to defeat Godzilla the survivors are now dwindling that is a fight between humanity and its apex predator.

Anyway we’re going to touch base on what I like about this film and what I don’t like about this bill as I did see it last night. Now this is following the last movie that came out this is a trilogy and the last movie that came out is called Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle and this one came on 2018 as well.

Now this film they call Godzilla: The Planet Eater does begin shortly after the movie I mentioned were the human survivors and the battle between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla city have retreated back to the Houtua village and the protection of Mothra’s egg. As Haruo sits in mourning at Yuko’s bedside, matters begin spiraling out of his control. Mere miles away, Godzilla stands motionless, recovering from his latest battle, but ready to fight all challengers to his domination of the Earth. In space, the human-alien alliance nears its breaking point over the issue of what should happen to Haruo—is he a traitor who helped Godzilla win or a savior who prevented the birth of something even worse?

However the biggest threat is yet to be seen and it seems that nearly all of Haruo’s shoulders that are located on the planet surface have now become a fanatical worshiping what seems to be the Exif’s god, believing that its divine intervention is responsible for their continued survival. And worse yet, Metphies is encouraging this view, preparing them to help him summon the Exif god to battle Godzilla. But this “god” is not a peaceful one like Mothra—it is the invincible monster that destroyed their civilization: King Ghidorah.

On its most basic level, the anime Godzilla movies have a central conceit; as civilizations grow throughout the galaxy, they are all but destined to cause the creation of a monster that proves to be the death of their civilization. For humans, that is Godzilla, a chaotic living organism brought about as a natural antibody to stop the destruction of the environment at human hands. The Bilusaludo’s monster, Mechagodzilla, is a robotic hivemind creature created by taking their logical mindset to its most pragmatic extreme—in other words, if civilization is destined to be destroyed by a giant monster, it’s better to become that monster and triumph over any other monsters you might encounter. Ghidorah, on the other hand, is a monster born from the unchecked pride of the Exif, what happened when their pride was confronted with extreme nihilism.

At their pinnacle, the Exif discovered that the universe was finite. No matter how evolved they would become, they would eventually be destroyed, either by a monster of their own making or the heat death of the universe. Embracing their eventual extermination, they actively set out to make the ultimate civilization-annihilating monster, not only to destroy themselves but every other civilization and monster as well. Their absolute belief in their own superiority would allow nothing less. But it’s not enough to simply destroy civilizations as their respective monsters appear. The Exif want each civilization to agree with their dogma, to accept that they are doomed and choose final destruction at Ghidorah’s hands instead of their own created monsters.

This leads directly into the second theme explored in these films: the need for revenge. It’s obvious that Haruo hates Godzilla for the deaths of his parents, comrades, and all those on the spaceship who didn’t make it through their long exile. It drives him to continue fighting when all seems lost and allows him to inspire those with similar losses to battle alongside him. However, as losses mount and hope wanes, it’s also the perfect tool to lead him to the Exif’s way of thinking and make him so focused on killing Godzilla that he’d sacrifice not only himself, but all of humanity and the Earth as well.


But Haruo isn’t Ahab and Godzilla isn’t his white whale. In the second movie, we see that he is not willing to give everything up for victory, as he was able to put his revenge aside in his attempt to save Yuko. And this is where the drama comes from in The Planet Eater. We see that there is a part of Haruo fighting both his desire for revenge and the ever-mounting despair of his situation. There is hope for him making it out of the film with his soul intact, and this hope is personified in the Houtua.

The Houtua prove the lie of the Exif philosophy. Biologically, the Houtua are as evolved as the Exif. However, they have not come to the same nihilistic conclusion. And why would they? They’ve created their civilization-ending monster, Mothra, yet they live in harmony with it. In fact, Mothra even fought on their behalf to save them from Godzilla. But it doesn’t end there. Even in a world where Mothra is reduced to a fragile egg, the Houtua are able to coexist with Godzilla by simply living in concert with nature and avoiding him. They may fear Godzilla but they don’t hate him. He is simply a force of nature. To the Houtua, life is simple: winning is living, death is losing. To give into nihilism would be to decide to lose forever.

When it comes down to it, the film (as well as the entire trilogy) hinges on the internal battle within Haruo, between the nihilism of the Exif and his need for revenge versus the hope of the Houtua and his need to protect those dear to him. As you may have guessed by this point in the review, for a movie about giant monsters fighting each other, there is very little of that in this film. Rather, it is about a battle of philosophies. However, while Haruo’s internal battle takes place, Godzilla and Ghidorah do fight it out. Sadly, it’s also the most boring part of the film.

The battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah is built around the ever-misunderstood thought experiment of Schrodinger’s cat and the role of the observer in quantum physics. What this means practically is that the supposed action climax of the film is basically just Godzilla standing there while Ghidorah bites him and the human scientists deliver an endless stream of technobabble. This is doubly unfortunate as the anime’s reinterpretation of Ghidorah is incredibly interesting. Instead of simply being able to shoot gravity beams, The Planet Eater version of the famous monster is seemingly made of gravity. Each head comes out of a separate black hole, and Ghidorah is supermassive in its own right. Whenever characters are in proximity to the monster, time and space get bent in creative and creepy ways.

Visually, Ghidorah’s an incredibly creative take on an iconic monster. With its luminous skin, endlessly long necks, and no body to speak of, it looks vastly different from all past versions of the monster. However, despite the changes, it is still unmistakably Ghidorah. And Ghidorah isn’t the only visual treat of the film. The surreal dive into Haruo’s mind is filled with excellent visual storytelling choices. But where the film really stands out is its climax, which evokes the most taboo moment in Japanese history and uses it to build a beautiful yet haunting image that wordlessly reveals the state of Haruo’s tortured soul.


On the aural side, the music is competent if forgettable. However, both the insert and ending themes really stand out. Not only are both catchy songs, but they also serve to bookend and highlight the film’s most important scene that unequivocally presents the film’s message.

While the exploration and subsequent battle of philosophies is interesting, it’s not the debate itself that the audience is supposed to take away from the film. The Exif’s nihilistic worldview and repeated genocides put them squarely in the villain category. No, the message of the film is more polarizing, that technology will be our downfall and living in harmony with nature is the best way forward. It’s a rather extreme message, but this is far from the first pro-environmental Godzilla film. If nothing else, you will be left mulling it over as the credits roll, which is probably exactly what the filmmakers intended.

All in all this is a nice closing to a trilogy and hopefully will see more from this company as it probably will venture into Tokusatsu and other Godzilla type adventures this would be cool to see. The animation in the spell of always enjoyed it even though King Ghidorah in this film is a little too different for me. There are three heads that come out of spheres that are located in the clouds and they seem to be from a different dimension as they slowly pick up Godzilla and bring him to their dimension I believe that’s how to do it however it has changed and now Godzilla has a contact with this Ghidorah and eventually goes destroy. It is not a gigantic Kaiju in a sense as it is a different dimension type being. King Ghidorah is an alien monster from a different world. They simply took a different approach in the design is okay with me not the greatest but okay. All in all this is definitely better than the second film and a nice film to close off the trilogy.


NECA Godzilla Body Knocker Godzilla Action Figure

Written by Barney Buckley

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Today we are going to talk about my first figure review in written format. The way I will do these is I will give you the vital statistics on it and then I will break down the figure and what I think about the figure and discuss the defects if there are any. I will also break down the positive points about this figure and at the same time show you images so if you should decide to purchase one of these you will have a greater understanding of whether you want to purchase it or not by going through this review.

  • Figure Official Name- NECA Godzilla Body Knocker Godzilla Action Figure
  • The Year of Production-in and around 2016
  • The Statistics of This Figure-3” x 4” x 6”
  • Where I purchased it at-I purchased this on Amazon.com
  • Recommended Age-14 to 15 years of age
  • The Country or Region It Was Manufactured in- NECA is located in Hillside New Jersey
  • The Color Scheme of This Figure-gray and white with the base being black and white

The Pros of This Figure


This particular figure it’s pros it looks absolutely amazing though not movie accurate. It is made of a very hard plastic so it would be easy for children to handle without easily breaking it. It is also solar powered as it does not need no batteries.

The Cons of This Figure


The cons in my opinion as I have never seen it actually work is the fact that it is solar powered and I am honestly not sure what it does.

Concorde Godzilla 17” x 3’ Long 1998 Giant Vinyl-1989 Biollante Figure

Written by Barney Buckley

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_MG_1266 Today we are going to talk about my first figure review in written format. The way I will do these is I will give you the vital statistics on it and then I will break down the figure and what I think about the figure and discuss the defects if there are any. I will also break down the positive points about this figure and at the same time show you images, so if you should decide to purchase one of these you will have a greater understanding of whether you want to purchase it or not by going through this review.

  • The height of this Godzilla figure is roughly 17 inches tall from the feet to the top of the head.
  • The entire length of this figure from the head all the way to the tip of the tail is roughly around 3 feet long.
  • When I purchased this item it was in pristine condition and I honestly can’t remember where I got it from.
  • This figure was made in 1998. 
  • The brand of figure it is a Concorde figure made from the Paradise mold of Godzilla.
  • Recommended Age Range-ten years or older.
  • The country or region of manufacturing-it is made in Japan.
  • The color scheme is black and white.

The Pros of This Figure clip_image002 As you can clearly see in this image above is quite impressive looking in the color scheme really stands out. This is quite a tall figure at 17 inches is a pretty decent size figure for the price that I got for. Which I believe I got it for around $60.00 about ten years ago. However today is running as high as USD700 and that to me is just a little too expensive for Godzilla figure. clip_image004 This figure also has a very impressive looking dorsal plate configuration. This is what really got me is the dorsal plate and how they stand out and the color scheme it really does look amazing. The Cons of This Figure clip_image006 As you can see the one thing if you wish to think that it is a con, and  I don’t is the fact that it is not movie or TV accurate. It does look amazing anyway. This is based on the 1989 version of the Biogoji Godzilla suit that was used in the film Godzilla vs. Biollante which came out in 1989. clip_image008 Let’s talk about the flaws in this figure as you can see here these are welded together with a heat gun and it is not a solid mold like the X plus figures as they tend to be really expensive, but they are very accurate looking and gorgeous looking pieces as well. This one here is pieced together by glue or superheated together as you can see in this image above. clip_image010 Also again as I mentioned it is pieced together here you see the glue or welded mold or markings as they are not one solid piece. It does look amazing on my shelf anyway. If you choose to purchase this. This is what you will get. I will tell you this there is a Paradise mold of this very same figure and it comes in a traditional Miregoji Godzilla suit green which is a little darker than lime green in that particular figure does really stand out. I prefer the black and white version over that one. clip_image012 As I’ve mentioned before it is not movie or TV accurate though it does look impressive with its very sharp white teeth, and as you can see it is a little dusty as I have not brushed it off in a while. clip_image014 Here is another side view of the headshot again, and the eyes do really stand out as it has a gold hue to them. clip_image016 The last part of the flaws as you can see the markings in the wrist area I would advise you to be very careful as it does have a tendency to break loose as it did for me and I had to re-glue it back into position. If you are purchasing this for a child I would not recommend that as these parts can be very weak, and if you are purchasing it for yourself my advice is to make sure it is away from children, so they don’t play around with it and break it as I mentioned before these parts are quite fragile.

Again I got to say that this is a standalone figure that only has a few pieces of articulation and the articulation is in the tail as there are two sections of the tail that you can move in different directions. The rest of the figure has no articulation and it would be wise not to try as you will break the figure.

Anyway that is my review on the Concorde 1989 Biogoji Godzilla suit. Pricewise it is located on eBay for around USD700. This figure would be hard to find on the Internet as it is now higher-priced than what I got it for. Unfortunately like everything today it has gotten really expensive.

The Nun 2018 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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The nun that is not so good!

Okay with her cheekbones that look like daggers and her mouth full of razor sharp teeth, her chalky white skin, her piercing yellow evil eyes and her ravenous yet deceiving habit that she wears we have an extremely evil spirit.

This would be technically the third installment or a connection to The Conjuring movies. With the exception we now have a movie that is entirely devoted to her and is appropriately titled “The Nun” and this particular movie seems to serve as an origin story based on this evil spirit.

This film is directed by Corin Hardy. This movie was written by writer Gary Dauberman who actually did the screenplay for the movie “It” and “Annabelle”. Now let’s get into the movie is set in a 1952 Romania setting with a remote abbey which I will tell you I love the settings and the abbey in the way that it looks this is absolutely amazing and beautiful looking and yet real creepy. It is very eerie in the way it is set up. This movie does grab you with a candlelit stone passageway along with some very creepy sounds as they make their way into the abbey and they did a fantastic job in the way that it looks very creepy looking. It has an extremely dark and eerie feel to it. The setting and the way they did this film is very good.

This particular abbey or place is supposed to be cursed and yes it is cursed and no amount of prayers from well-intentioned young nuns can redeem it. It would eventually start with a young devout to none she would eventually hang yourself out of a window as something literally made her job out the window. So the Vatican is now assigned a demon hunter and his name is Father Burke (Demian Bichir) and along with Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) who is the sister of Vera Farmiga. Now young Irene was assigned for this dangerous assignment as she has a history of experiencing visions. Irene is also been seeing as a supernatural seer Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring movies.

The movie does progress with the sister seeing these ghosts all these nuns that she thought were real nuns as you soon finds out that is not the case. There are some very cool shots in this film one in particular we do see an overhead shot that is an inspiration and this particular scene is where we see Irene in her white habit and she is surrounded by her fellow nuns dressed in black kneeling in a desperate prayer in the center of the floor in the main part of the abbey. However she soon finds out that they do not exist as real people.


This movie does have other sequences that I find fascinating as Father Burke is seeing being tossed into a grave and then suddenly buried alive. He is in a graveyard that is often around the abbey and they have tiny little bells connected to them as a long time ago people were presumed dead and the Hopis bells that go directly into their coffins as they soon find out when they’d start ringing that they are alive and they are eventually unburied. However not all managed to survive. This is what happens in the past with primitive practices.

As compared to the Conjuring movies this movie takes a different type of direction more along the lines of a puzzling “Da Vinci Code” kind of a direction. We finally do get to say a full frontal all this evil possession that they call The Nun and we do eventually see a lot of her in this film and the whole premise is yet unknown as to why this evil possession exists in this abbey.

Towards the end Sister Irene does manage to walk away this evil spirit from escaping the abbey where it is permanently sealed and it is their job to keep it sealed and away from the public eye. After the fact we do see possessions from the young man was in this film. Whether this is The Nun or a different possession we do not know. Though I will tell you this it seems this spirit will not lay itself to rest.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this movie as I felt the acting was spot on. It is important to have the right kind of actors doing these kind of movies. Another important thing in the movies is your background setting or special effects they were really really good. The CGI was spot on I didn’t have anything bad to say as it did what it need to do. It made this movie very easy to watch. There was some scary moments however not the scariest film out there it was just simply wall directed and well-acted. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I enjoyed this movie more so than that of The Conjuring movies. If you haven’t seen this movie and you are into horror go ahead and check this one out, and I’m sure you will have your opinions based on this film. .

The Predator by Shane Black Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

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Let’s begin with the fact that this movie is a reboot and it is going to an entirely new direction. It also aims to revitalize the science-fiction action franchise with brand-new ideals and it also delivers a mindless action rather than having something cohesive in the mythology of the Yautja. It definitely takes a whole new direction.

Movie Review

Now according to the moving is more than thirty years that Rick Hawkins had met a grisly fate in John McKiernan’s 1987 film based on the very first Predator. This is technically classified as a soft reboot or a sequel or as they are now calling it a requel which really don’t make any sense it is what it is it is a sequel.

Keep in mind this Predator movie skips over the Alien vs. Predator movies and it is a new beginning as they are changing up and taking this new Predator movie franchise in a completely different direction. Which I will tell you it can be a cool thing according to this movie and it can be a bad thing. I’m not sure how they’re going to have a less but I will explain this a little bit later. Now with this movie unfortunately it ended up in a mixed bag of clunky execution as well as a general messiness. This movie is all over the place the acting and the way they blend things together is just a mess. Now not saying that this is a bad movie is just not executed well.

Now according to Shane Black it does take place back in the present day and it does begin with a Predator spaceship that comes crashing down into the Earth’s atmosphere. This is where a US sniper Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) encounters the ship while he was on mission in Mexico. He would eventually grab some of the Predator’s equipment and this is a bad thing. As you will soon find out.


This would allow the US government to capture the predator and study it as there seems to be a purpose for this predator to crash on the planet. There has been many sightings of these predators coming to planet earth. The reason is it is because of the hybrid technology that they are now doing they are blending some of the most super species from other worlds and creating super predators. As we soon find out one is actually tracing the smaller predator.

Now not keen on this as it could go horribly wrong and they could create all kinds of creatures if they go in this direction with the predator series and they might not eventually will predators at all. Now the + they could possibly create something very cool as this Ultimate Predator is like a bounty hunter and he is Jason the smaller predator who has the technology to stop predators. The hunt goes on and eventually the smaller predator which by the way is laced with human DNA so is not a super big and bad predator like we normally see. This domain didn’t sit well as I look to see the predator in his gigantic form.

Though I will do the credit is extremely fast and agile however it was no match for this ultimate predator. By the way this gigantic predator is called The Ultimate Predator. It is from Yautja Prime and it is a genetically altered Predator. This predator stands around 11 feet tall his eyes are yellow and it is larger and stronger than your standard Yautja.

Getting back to the story we also have what is called Predator Dogs which do act very much like a dog they did a fantastic job there stresses the wanted did survive. These dogs came along with The Ultimate Predator on their trip to hunt down the other predator that had the ultimate technology that can kill Predators.


The predator dog did in fact help the humans in the long run. That was a plus. Now in the movie Predators which came out in 2010 there were predator dogs but they were extremely vicious they hunted down the humans in that movie. Plus they were a little bit different in design as compared to these.

Now according to Quinn McKenna’s character he does have a song that has autism however he is extremely intelligent as children with autism I believe are on a different level of intelligence than anyone else. The Ultimate Predator does manage to take his son has a reflection for advancement in human evolution and therefore he is worthwhile to be taken for the Predator Hybridization and tries to fly away with his son. That’s just not happening the minister crashed down and The Ultimate Predator and he would eventually lose this fight as you would get blown to pieces losing his legs and one of his arms and eventually getting shot in the head and killed by McKenna.

It would be soon after these events that McKenna and Rory are seen in a science lab as they watch the opening of the cargo that was on the Predator ship. There is a piece of technology that they soon find out would eventually attach itself to a lab worker and transform the lab worker into what is called “Predator Killer” soon before deactivating it. This scene here was absolutely badass I would like to see them use this technology against the Predators and it will prove to be an equalization against them. I’m sure they’re going to jump on the technology and create something very similar in newer movies.

My Conclusion

One I saw the movie it didn’t feel like any of the other predator movies however it does have its good points. One thing I didn’t like is the whole small Predator which eventually I did mind as it was very fast and agile however it did not stand a chance against the Ultimate Predator which I can understand why it escaped with the technology. It must’ve been its human side that told it that something bad was going to happen in the humans needed this technology in order to survive.


The Ultimate Predator in some serious look really good especially in the face area it was been looking. However the way and walked on its legs like a wolf I was not too keen on that and that is only because of its creation with hybrid technology. The action sequences in this movie were good the actors they did okay however it just did not feel like most Predator movies. The way they are taking this new Predator reboot franchise in a whole new direction on a little iffy about it. There’s no telling how they are going to treat it as I feel with the Yautja and there are a lot of fans out there that appreciate the Yautja clan and the whole predator franchise I just hope they don’t get ridiculous with the whole hybrid technology thing as it can be a negative and if they do it right it can be a plus. However I am a little iffy one then progress into this new franchise. All and all that is my insight on this film I liked it but not as much as the other predator movies it was good I will collect it for my DVD collection that I definitely will do however is not my one of my favorites that’s for sure. Though it does have is good points.

The Mummy 2017 Movie Review

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com


  • Directed by Alex Kurtzman.
  • Produced by Alex Kurtzman, Chris Morgan, Sean Daniel, and Sarah Bradshaw.
  • Screenplay by David Koepp, Christopher McQuarrie, and Dylan Kussman.
  • Story by Jon Spaihts, Alex Kurtzman, and Jenny Lumet.
  • Starring Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Jay Johnson, Courtney B Vance, and Russell Crowe.
  • Companies Dark Universe, Perfect World Pictures, K/O Paper Products, Sean Daniel Company.
  • Distributed by Universal Pictures.
  • Release date for the film May 22, 2017 (State Theatre), and June 9, 2017 (United States of America).
  • Running Time is 110 minutes
  • Language Is English
  • Budget $125 million-$195 million
  • Box Office Success $405 million Worldwide.

What Is This Movie about?

The mummy is a 2017 American action-adventure film that is directed by Alex Kurtzman and it is a reboot of the Mummy franchise. This movie in itself actually premier at the State Theatre located in Sydney Australia on May 22, 2017. Now here is the hurtful thing about this bill it did receive negative reviews from critics however it did grossed over $405 million worldwide, so you tell me wasn’t a bad movie I don’t think so. They say it was labeled as a box office disappointment and that is because of the high production and marketing costs, with projected losses of around $95 million on this film alone.

Let’s Talk about the Synopsis of the Movie

1 Zeob4OvvjeCeoBJqYg6Eew

In 1127 A.D., several English crusader knights bury an Egyptian ruby within the tomb of one of their number. In present-day London, a construction crew discovers the tomb and a mysterious man is authorized to investigate the site.

In a flashback to the New Kingdom era, Princess Ahmanet is first in line to succeed her father Menehptre until his second wife gives birth to a son. Determined to claim the throne for herself, Ahmanet sells her soul to the Egyptian god Set, who agrees to help her if she uses a dagger to transfer his spirit into a corporeal form. After killing her family, Ahmanet attempts to sacrifice her lover to Set but is captured by her father’s priests and condemned to be mummified alive for eternity. Her sarcophagus is buried in Mesopotamia and submerged in a pool of mercury so that her monstrous form will not escape.

In present-day Iraq, soldier-of-fortune Nick Morton and his partner Chris Vail accidentally discover the tomb of Ahmanet after staging an airstrike on an insurgent stronghold. Jenny Halsey, an archaeologist who had a one-night stand with Nick, arrives and investigates the tomb, correctly concluding that it is a prison. After extracting Ahmanet’s sarcophagus from a pool of mercury, Nick’s superior, Colonel Greenway, places the sarcophagus on a transport plane headed to England. During the flight, Vail becomes possessed by Ahmanet’s power after being bitten by a camel spider while inside the tomb. After attempting to open the sarcophagus, he stabs Greenway and tries to attack the group, forcing Nick to shoot him dead. A huge murder of crows then assault the plane, causing it to crash and kill everyone on board except for Jenny, who is parachuted off the plane by Nick.

Nick awakens a day later in a morgue in Oxford, and learns from Vail’s ghost that he has been cursed by Ahmanet, who seeks to use him as a replacement vessel for Set. Ahmanet’s mummy escapes from the sarcophagus and begins feeding on rescue workers to regenerate her decomposed body. Turning the workers into zombie minions, she lures Nick and Jenny into a trap, forcing the two to fight off the minions as they unsuccessfully try to escape. Ahmanet also recovers the blade of the Dagger of Set from a reliquary in a nearby church. At the last second, unknown soldiers appear and subdue Ahmanet. Their leader, Dr. Henry Jekyll, explains that Jenny is an agent of Prodigium, a secret society dedicated to hunting supernatural threats. He confirms that Nick was cursed when he unlocked Ahmanet’s tomb and reveals his intention to complete her ritual and allow Set to possess Nick in order to destroy Set and end his evil forever.


Meanwhile, Ahmanet summons a scarab beetle to possess a Prodigium technician and frees herself from captivity, wreaking havoc, death, and destruction in the process. Jekyll is also seen to be succumbing to his own dark impulses and transforms into Edward Hyde, his murderous and psychotic alternate personality while Ahmanet wrecks havoc outside unknownst to them. And when Nick rebuffs Hyde’s offer of an alliance between them, Hyde attacks him. Nick manages to stop him with the serum Jekyll uses to suppress his evil side. He and Jenny then escape from Prodigium while Ahmanet steals back the dagger, summons an army of deceased English crusaders to serve her, and creates a massive sandstorm that ravages London. The undead knights slaughter the Prodigium soldiers in the tomb, allowing Ahmanet to recover the ruby and set it in the dagger’s pommel, granting her all she needs to free Set.

Guided by Vail, Nick and Jenny flee into the London Underground tunnels, but are attacked by Ahmanet’s minions. Ahmanet captures Jenny and drowns her, hoping to break her hold over Nick. Nick puts up a fight, but gives up and let’s himself embrace Ahmanet, using it as a ruse to steal the dagger and tries to destroy the ruby. However, he sees the lifeless Jenny and bets on stabbing himself. His body is possessed by Set, who proceeds to join Ahmanet to uphold his end of the bargain until he sees Jenny’s dead body, at which point Nick regains control and uses Set’s powers to overpower and suck the life out of Ahmanet, turning her back into a shriveled mummy. Nick harnesses Set’s powers to resurrect Jenny, saying goodbye before becoming overwhelmed by Set’s power and disappearing. Soon, Jenny regroups with Dr. Jekyll and they discuss if Nick, now fused with Set, will be good or evil. Ahmanet’s corpse is lowered into a locked pool of mercury within the Prodigium base for safekeeping. Later on in the desert, Nick resurrects Vail, and the two set out on an adventure.

The Production of the Mummy


Let’s talk about the production of this movie!

As we all know Universal Pictures as plan to do a modern reboot of most of their Universal Monster Characters with them in a modern setting. These particular projects will go through multiple directors and this one was no exception to the rule. Len Wiseman eventually left the project in 2013 and a second director, Andrés Muschietti in 2014 until they finally got Alex Kurtzman to do the job.

Tom Cruise and the Demise of This Movie!

It seems that Tom Cruise began talks about playing the lead role in this bill back in November 2015. Along with Sofia Boutella she as well began talking back in December. Alex Kurtzman did in fact cast Sofia after seeing and was very impressed by her largely mute performance in the movie Kingsman: the Secret Service. One thing that Alex Kurtzman noticed was her eyes “if you look at her eyes, and this is what I got from watching Kingsman, there’s a whole performance going on here. And in not saying anything, but conveying that much to me, I thought oh my God, no matter how much prosthetics we put on her, no matter how much CG we put on her face, if I see this, she’s going to convey something very emotional to me.”

Other castings that happen after a while it was announced in between March and May that Russell Crowe would be joining the movie. Here is where I think the movie failed is when according to Variety they reported that Tom Cruise had excessive control over the film and firm control over nearly every aspect of the production and post-production, this also included actually rewriting the script and editing to his specifications, he one is for to even tell Alex Kurtzman how to actually direct on the set, and enlarging his role while downplaying Boutella’s role. Unfortunately Universal Pictures contractually granted Tom Cruise control of most aspects of the project, from script approval to post-production decisions. Now why they did that is beyond me but honestly this is where I think the film failed because they left him in control and they should’ve never done that. I think if Alex Kerman had total control this film possibly could have done better and at the same time could’ve been a completely different version altogether.

Let’s Talk a Little Bit on the Filming


During principal photography which began on April 3, 2016, in Oxford, United Kingdom, and also took place in Surrey. The filming of the movie did finally wrap up in July 17, 2016. Its last location was in London. Then the production actually moved to Namibia and natural connection two weeks along with principal photography on the film was finally completed on August 13, 2016.

Let’s Talk about the Actual Release of the Film

As we know the film was released in the United States and Canada on June 9, 2017 and the film was screened in various formats such as 2-D, 3-D, and IMAX 3-D.

Here are some interesting trivia based on this movie it was on December 20, 2016 that IMAX released a trailer with the wrong audio track attached to it. This unintentionally prompt the creation of memes and video montages that would feature the mistakenly included audio track. Which in fact was missing most of the sound effects and it did feature Tom cruises grunts and screams. It was then that IMAX reacted by taking down the trailer and issuing a DMCA takedown notice in the attempt to actually stop it from spreading.

On another keynote on May 22, 2017 when the Manchester arena bombing occurred universal did in fact cancel the films UK premiere which had been scheduled to take place in London on June 1, 2017.

To further elaborate on the success of this movie it was on August 14, 2017 that The Mummy did in fact rose $80.1 million in the United States and Canada. It also grossed $325.3 million in other territories around the world making it a total gross of $405.4 million worldwide. However I guess the combined production and advertising budget of around $345 million (that’s how much this movie cost are they crazy it must be totally CGI and that is where your cost comes in) the film had a worldwide opening of $172.4 million and this is the biggest global debut for a Tom Cruise film.

Power Rangers 2017 Review

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Production Information

  • Directed by Dean Israelite
  • Produced by Haim Saban, Brian Casentini, Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey
  • Screenplay by John Gatins
  • Story by Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless, Michele Mulroney, Kieran Mulroney
  • Based on Power Rangers by Haim Saban, Shuki Levy (uncredited), and Super Sentai by Toei Company
  • Running time 121 minutes
  • Country United States
  • Language English
  • Budget $105 million
  • Box office $142.3 million


  • Dacre Montgomery
  • Naomi Scott
  • RJ Cyler
  • Becky G
  • Ludi Lin
  • Bill Hader
  • Bryan Cranston
  • Elizabeth Banks

I will tell you this Power Rangers is an American entertainment and merchandising franchise built around the live action superhero television series. It was first produced by Saban Entertainment and then it was later produced by a new company called BVS entertainment and the in 2015 again was produced by another company called SCG Power Rangers (what this is I do not know). The show itself does take footage from the Japanese Tokusatsu “Super Sentai” this company that produces the “Super Sentai” has produced many many different Tokusatsu TV shows it is called Toei Company.

The very first Power Rangers entry is called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and this is the show that I used to watch back in the 90s. Its actual debuted date was on August 28, 1993. It did in fact catapult into popular culture a line of action figures and other toys by the company Bandai. In 2010, the media franchise has generated over $5 billion in retail sales worldwide. Now that is pretty impressive for a line of toys.


Even though the TV series initially received a certain amount of criticism for its action violence targeted towards a children’s audience. The franchise does in fact continue all the way up until 2016 the show consists of 23 television series seasons of 19 different themed series and two theatrical films with the third film coming out in 2017. This is a popular franchise believe it or not. Haim Saban, the creator of the series, did in fact regain ownership all the franchise after seven years under the company Walt Disney.

The Power Rangers also spalled at least 10 or 15 different video games in his entire career. I will list them you can find them on Wikipedia they do have a complete list.

My Thoughts on the Movie

The movie itself because we have not seen it yet I’m just going to assume it’s one of those typical Hollywood type films. It is definitely origin based movie where the Power Rangers are young kids that gain certain powers. They also gain a special suit to wear were in the original TV series I believe it was made these are created through alien technology. There are some changes according to the movie.

Now we will talk about the movie itself is billed as Saban’s Power Rangers this is an upcoming movie that’s coming out later on this year in 2017 and is directed by Dean Israelite and it is written by John Gatin’s who has written for all the movie such as Flight (Denzel Washington), Real Steel (Hugh Jackman), and also very anticipated movie Kong: Skull Island. The film itself is definitely based on the franchise and adjust our some unknown actors with the exception of Bill Hader, Bryan Cranston (Godzilla 2014) and a very sexy Elizabeth Banks.


This film does serve as a reboot and a reimagining for the franchise. It also marks the very first Power Ranger film in the 21st century. Phil does feature some of the main characters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers however it is portrayed by a new cast. This film is absolutely produced by Haim Saban under his private equity investment firm. The movie is set to be released on March 24, 2017.

I am definitely going to check this out not in the theaters, but wanted comes out on DVD. I’m sure it will be a good movie for the kids to watch. I used to watch this back in the day and thought it was interesting because I myself was a kid for the most part when watching. Because at that time I was into martial arts big time and for obvious reasons this TV show is all about martial arts. Anyway looking forward to checking this out when you come down DVD I won’t check it out in the theater I am not curious to do that. Anyway looking forward to it!